Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Four Year Old Boy

Well, we finally officially celebrated Boo's birthday a little over a week ago. It was very low key. We had family over, ate cake and ice cream, opened presents, and called it a day. Boo was excited as he got some nice gifts. It was lovely to see everyone.

Anyways, a good friend of mine posted pictures of her little one through the years when he turned three. It's such a nice idea that I'm going to follow suit. So here's a look at Boo through the years!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life With Two

This is probably going to be a quick update as someone will likely need something in the near future, but for now Boo is playing with his daddy and Felix is sleeping on me in the Moby (LOVE the Moby). For the purposes of my blog, baby's blog name will be Felix!

Adjusting to a second child in our lives has been an amazing experience. I have to say that all around this has been easier for me than it was adjusting to one baby. I don't mean to say that it hasn't had difficult challenges, but I think Boo and I encountered so many issues in his first month or so of life that this has seemed better by comparison.

The good: Boo LOVES his baby. He's constantly kissing him, hugging him, and saying "I love you baby." Overall I think he has adjusted pretty well to no longer being the only child in the house. Felix is beautiful and healthy. He took to breastfeeding like a champ. We had a slight stumble at the beginning, but I think it was due to hypothyroidism causing my supply to be a bit sluggish as it came in. But that's no longer an issue and Felix is gaining well. He loves to be cuddled tightly and loves to nurse nurse nurse! Wally is also fond of our new arrival. He does really great with babies. I just have to occasionally keep him from licking baby to death! He's very watchful when Felix starts to cry. Beer and wine - does it make me a lush to add them to the list? I'm just happy that I can partake now and then!

The bad: Boo definitely pushes a bit harder to get our attention much of the time. This can be incredibly challenging. The first two weeks was the worst. He seems to be doing much better now. Hurray! I'm struggling to find patience with him. I know he needs it and deserves it - he's adjusting to a major change right now. Poor Felix seems a bit gassy to me. So he definitely cries quite a bit more than Boo ever did. Gas is one of those weird things. It's hard to know if he cries more because he's gassy or if he's gassy because he cries more and takes in tons of air while doing so. I know some people swear by gripe water. I've never had to try anything like that, but I may if the screamo gassy fussiness continues to see if it helps little Felix.

The ugly: What is it about a sleeping Felix that absolutely compels Boo to touch him, push on his head, squeeze his cheeks, or find some other way of disturbing the slumber. This of course makes me feel a bit crazy!

Oh, and I will likely be posting more birth pictures when I get the chance. I've got the pics back and there's some really amazing pictures in there. So I want to share for those that are interested. Don't worry - nothing graphic - I'm just not that kind of gal!