Thursday, February 26, 2009

I now have more blogs than one person should have!

Okay...I've finally taken the plunge and split this blog. I now have way more blogs than I know what to do with. Honestly, I doubt I'll be posting more often. This blog will probably see less action as posts will be put in their appropriate blogs! Okay - so here's the list:

Daycare-duck -
For daycare-related posts

Rambling-duck -
For my ramblings. Spiritual, philosophical, goofy, etc...

This blog - Swimming-duck -
This will remain my attachment parenting, cloth diapering, natural living, positive discipline sort of thing.

WHY DUCKS? I have no flipping idea. Honestly, I originally chose the duck because my goal was to keep things positive. You know how a duck looks serene even though it's paddling like hell underneath? Welllll...I've done okay. Not real great recently, but overall okay with that. To me it makes me think of being persistent and determined even when the going gets tough. So...I decided to stick with the theme.

And there's another one that I shall not name. It's a private blog for Boo. E-mail me or message me on facebook if you want the link and permission to access. I have to have your e-mail addy in order to grant you access.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like a Tramp

Did the title catch your attention? :)

Honestly I've been feeling kind of funny lately because my wedding band doesn't fit on the appropriate finger right now and my engagement ring has been broken for awhile. We have the ring and the diamond - they're just not joined together anymore as they should be! We've been wanting to get it fixed, but honestly it seems that there's always things that are financially a much higher priority. Jewelry is just not high on my list. So it's been put off for years. And I'm okay with that. My commitment was made internally and I don't need a shiny rock on my finger to remind me. However, with being preggo and carting a toddler around I sometimes wonder what people think. Also, I'm still mistaken for under 21 on a somewhat regular basis. So, put that altogether and what does it look like? Unwed teenage! No offense to anyone who is or has been. I'm just not one, so I think it's funny that I probably come across as one! Add the fact that I have a "tramp stamp" and well, there you go. In my defense I had no idea that tattoos on a female's lower back were called "tramp stamps" when I got mine! I certainly am not now nor have I ever been what I would consider to be a "tramp." And no, I'm not saying that all unwed teenage mothers are tramps...I just thought it was a fun title for today's post!

So what's on my "tramp stamp?" Actually, it's the Celtic trinity symbol. Yes, I have a "tramp stamp" that symbolizes my relationship with God. How's that for a big contradiction? I like it - it's a reminder to me that I belong to God. My one complaint is that since it's on my lower back I pretty much never get to see it. I'd like to get a tattoo someday that I can actually look at without the use of a mirror!

So, this post really has to do with nothing. Just me rambling. I think at some point I am going to split this blog. I'll keep this one as it was originally intended, start one for daycare type posts, a private one for Boo, and one for my religious/philosophical/life ramblings. I'm not sure when I'll get around to this. It sounds like a lot, but I probably won't post anymore than I do now. The posts will just go to different blogs, so this one probably won't see action pretty much every day like it does now. Anyways, I'll quit rambling. Need to go do dishes. OH JOY!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Water Fun!

Here's some stuff that we did this morning. I have a white storage container that I filled with water. I poured a bit of dish soap in and gave each child a whisk. I also added some blue food coloring for kicks and giggles. The boys got to whisk and create bubbles in the water. I also got out some water toys - fish, rubber ducks, etc...They had a great time whisking and playing with the toys!

While they were waiting for lunch I got out a container of soapy water and some clean sponges. I let them have fun scrubbing the lunch table and the table legs. This was great. They had fun and some crusted on food was cleaned up. They were happy while I finished making lunch and they were proud of their hard work!

I plan to do a lot more of these kinds of activities with them. I'm planning to start putting a container with dish soap in the kitchen for them to bus their own dishes when they're done with lunch. I think they'll really enjoy this and hey, it'll save me a step. I won't have to pre-rinse before loading the dishwasher.

I'm considering starting another blog. Yes, another one. I've been writing about daycare activities and happenings so much that I feel it should have its own blog. The point of this blog has been getting lost in all of my ramblings about daycare I think. So we'll see if I can bare to set up one more stinkin' blog to keep up with!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Soothing to the Soul

Ahhhh - I got out for some knitting tonight. There's a local group called Craft Exchange. I've only gone once and I've been meaning to go back. It consists of some really nice women who like to craft. Mostly it seems to be made up of women who knit and crochet. There's at least one quilter in the group and I thought I heard someone mention scrapbooking. It was truly peaceful to sit and knit without someone pulling on my leg going "mommeeeee." I actually felt like I made decent progress! I feel very soothed after getting out of the house BY MYSELF!!!

I've decided to be Montessori-inspired!

A lot of you know that I was an infant teacher at a Montessori school for awhile when T and I lived in the suburbs. I have to say that I've been interested in Montessori ideas ever since. There's some good bloggers/resources online for Montessori at home. I've been looking into some of those activities - the lentil bean activity was one. I'm planning on incorporating this into my daycare. I can't claim to be a Montessori program per se, but I feel that Montessori-inspired would be an appropriate phrase.

One of the hard things is that Montessori materials are extremely expensive. However, with a little bit of online research and craftiness, there are plenty of Montessori materials that can be made at home. So in my overabundance of spare time *huge eye roll here* I'll be making some Montessori materials and working to get this into our days more and more. I don't think we'll jump in full speed. I just plan to gradually incorporate more and more of this until it's a regular every day thing for us!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Putting Things In Perspective and Some Other Rambling

Okay, now that I finally have my long awaited home daycare license, I feel as though my mood and irritation with the midwest has calmed a bit. Granted, we both really do want to leave the midwest and will likely high tail it out of here the first chance we get. But for so long I feel as though we've been stagnant in reaching goals we've set for ourselves. T going to nursing school has seemed like a "pipe dream" for us...unattainable. Daycare licensing is one of the steps, actually the biggest step, that needed to happen in order for T to go to school. The rest of it is coming along. T is doing awesome in his EMT class. I'm so proud of him! Granted, EMT work will be a HUGE paycut for him. Hence the need for the daycare licensing. But it will be great experience in the medical field. And the more experience the better. Especially since nursing school entrance can be a bit competitive. So hopefully having the EMT license will give him a way to bring in income while he earns the CNA. CNA will be a slight step up in pay from the EMT. But more money is always better, however slight. So he has a rough road ahead of him of juggling schoolwork with work in the medical field. I so wish that I could be his "sugar mama" and support him through school. But I chose the wrong field of work for that and we live in the wrong area for that! So it will be an uphill battle, but doing nothing would be far worse than struggling through this! And he will have free tuition for at least part of his degree - so even though it has to be in Illinois, we can't really complain there (as much as I like to sometimes).

I will add that I think sometimes people get the wrong impression when we say we want to leave the midwest. It's not a matter of leaving people or friends or family, but of experiencing life outside of this little part of the world that is all that we know. I think there is a lot to be said for broadening one's experiences, experiencing other ways of life, other cities, etc...I think it is a huge opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. So what we will do now is what we've been trying to do for awhile. We will try to reconnect with and enjoy family and friends that we live close to while they are close and appreciate the time that we have. And when we leave those relationships that are worth having will still be there. I strongly believe that distance cannot tear down a strong relationship. I've seen proof of this time and again in my relationships with people. Some stand the test of time and some don't. I used to take it personally when relationships went by the wayside, but I realize that's part of life and part of the weeding out process. Some friends are gold and some were there just to have fun for awhile...just the way it is!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm LICENSED for home daycare!!!

FINALLY...I'm LICENSED for home daycare. Took long enough. I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off of me. Now that I'm licensed I can get referrals from the local Childcare Resource and Referral agency. Come on referrals. Mama needs a new pair of shoes. Well, actually, a car...but whatever!

T did soooo much to help me get ready for the visit today. I'm really lucky to have him. Poor guy - I don't think he knows if he's going or coming these days thanks to my preggo mood swings! I'm lucky he puts up with me and is willing to tackle my "honey do" lists!

Anxiously Awaiting

Well, here I sit anxiously awaiting the arrival of the DCFS licensing rep. She's supposed to be here in about an hour. So hopefully everything's done. In a little bit I'll run down and finish cleaning up the after-lunch kitchen mess. I'm pretty antsy - I've been waiting for this moment for soooooooo long. So hopefully everything will be as it should and I can get my daycare license. It'll be so nice to finally be on the local Childcare Resource and Referral Agency list so that I can get referrals. We definitely need for this place to fill up so that we can make the income we need to make. And then just when we start to feel financially more comfortable, it'll be time for T to quit his job and go to school for nursing! But that's life in all of its marvelous stress and change. I feel as though I'm constantly being stretched to handle more, adapt to more, etc...As uncomfortable as that can be sometimes I know that it's in the process of being stretched that character is built. So I console myself with that thought and thank God that I'm not stagnant!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We were hoping T's veterans grant would transfer over to other states. NOPE - it's only good in Illinois. I want out of this freaking state!!!! But it would be stupid to pay for tuition when we can get it free. I am sooooo sick of winter and cold and the midwest. AAARRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I realize I'm being really bitchy here, but I did say in my last post that I'm really irritable right now.

I don't know. Maybe there's still another way. If he can get on at a good hospital in a nice, warm climate area, don't they usually cover tuition for their employees???? Could he do it that way so we're not stuck here because of the Illinois Veteran's Grant??? Ugh....**big sigh**

I seriously can't take too many more winters.

Could I cry some more - good grief!

These preggo hormones are really kicking into overdrive. In the past couple of weeks I've cried while watching The Lion King, Cars, 13 Going on 30, Beauty and the Beast, and I'm sure there's other ones. My patience level, which I like to think is usually pretty good, has gone the way of the dodo. I'm doing okay with Boo, not great, just okay. And poor T, well, he's getting the brunt of my irritability right now. And he's been so nice lately and really picking up the slack around here as I'm just not getting many things done lately. So he's stuck with a sobbing, irritable, and unproductive wife right now. I'm suprised he doesn't just take his sleeping bag and go sleep at work! :)

Seriously though, I'm glad for all of this because these symptoms indicate that the pregnancy is progressing and Elfie is growing. So I'm happy to have them. Just kind of hoping that this trimester speeds by so I can get to that "feel good" part of pregnancy - second trimester!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Why I Think Elfie might be a girl

This is just a fun little post to predict the baby gender - so that I can be proven wrong! Of course I thought Boo was going to be a girl, so my "maternal feelings" don't mean much in this regard! But anyways, here's why I think Elfie is a girl:

This pregnancy is like night and day from my last one. Last time I was sooo nauseated. This time, no nausea. Last time my skin looked wonderful - the best it had in awhile. This time I'm breaking out.

Okay, that's all I've got to go on! What are we hoping for??? A healthy baby...either way. I have reasons for wanting both. I was tempted to think that a boy would be nice because we could reuse a lot of the clothes. Well, I've realized that they'll probably all be off-season! I do think it'd be great for Boo to have a brother close in age. I think there's something special about the bond between brothers. I also think it'd be sweet to see him with a little sister. There's also a special relationship between a girl and her big brother! We have more girl names picked out than boy names. If I could have twin girls it would solve our naming issues that we're having for girls. If I had more than one boy right now, NO idea what would be a second boy name that we like. We have tons of trouble coming up with boy names. Girl names seem to be easier for us!

Our "Room" of Requirements

Okay - first of all, I'm such a huge nerd for naming this post what I did. And if you don't get the movie reference then you have not seen Harry Potter enough!

Anyways, T and I have been talking more and more about some things that we want when we do move out of this town. And we've come up with a bunch of requirements. So the right "room" for us will meet a lot of these. Some of these are more wants and some of these are definite must haves. But here's what we've got so far:

* A Children's museum w/ fun programs and classes

* An ice rink w/ classes for kids

* Dry heat climate w/ LOTS of sunny days - I'd actually be okay with something a bit wetter, such as Oregon area, but hubby is set on a non-rainy climate. He thinks too much rain will be dreary and depressing. So that rules out the NW part of the country. Neither want of us want to be in a humid climate, so that rules out much of the South and particularly the SE part of the country. That leaves us with West and SW. Not very many states left!

* Affordable housing, able to rent something decent for under $1000/ least 2 bedroom also. That takes out several major cities that might be nice and pretty much cuts out all of Southern California!

* Hiking, national parks, camping, etc...close by - pretty much any part of the West and SW is going to have this!

* A city that's charming with character of it's own and not just a created product of strip malls that all run together. This makes sense in my head. Don't know if it will make sense to anyone that reads it!

* Laid back, relaxed pace of life. We both want to be away from "Type A" personality living!

* Focus on outdoors

* Great homeschooling laws - i.e. not bogged down with tons of monitoring and regulations

* A state where licensed professional midwives are allowed to practice. This is important because I'm considering this career path once we're done having children and they're a bit older.

* A Borders and/or Barnes 'n' Noble - Okay, I admit. This is commercial and will likely be found in a strip mall area, but living without a huge bookstore close by is like living without water for me. I've spent soooo much money on shipping fees for books since we've lived in our current small town. Granted, if a local shop has it or can get it I'll order from them first. But it's good to have the big bookstore if that's not the case.

* A museum that has a lot of scientific kind of exhibits. I think this will be a great resource for homeschooling.

* A planetarium. Who doesn't love looking at stars?

* A zoo nearby.

* Good dining selection - you know, for all of those times we can't afford to eat out and do it!

* Great coffeeshops

* Great tattoo shops - this isn't as crucial as I'm hoping to get any future tattoos done once my BFF is trained and ready to start tattooing...but still, it's nice to have options.

* Local Le Leche League chapter - LOVE La Leche League!

* Local Attachment Parenting group - I'd love to find a place where I can be part of a group of like-minded moms

* Local homeschooling groups

* Lots of things to do with children

* A good job market - as good as it can get for this economic climate

* Outdoor markets - I just think they're fun!

* Ethnic diversity - Puuulllllease!!! Diversity just makes life so much more interesting!

* Good theatre

* Growing population and economy - as opposed to dying!

* Nearby skiing

* Trader Joe's and/or other natural foods stores

* Yoga places

Well, who knows if we'll find a place with all of that. But we'd like to find much of it. We have a few places we're mulling over already.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Do We Really Have To Wait - A Whiny Post!

Okay - you've been warned. This is going to be a whiny post. Awhile back T and I made the decision that even though we're not wanting to stay in the town that we're in, we'll stay put long enough to get him through nursing school. And then we'll move. That way he has a degree and career to take with him. Lately though I've been getting antsy. I've been perusing such internet sites as Sperling's Best Places (see link):


I've also been browsing newspapers for places we're looking at, job ads, apartment ads, etc...I'm so ready to get a move on. And part of me is wondering if maybe we should go before T starts school. My reason being that once he's licensed as a nurse he's going to have to switch over his license to whatever state we move to. That seems like a pain to me! Not to mention, the educational opportunity here is not abounding. Perhaps we would find better options for nursing school elsewhere that would make it more feasible for him to go.

Honestly, anywhere we go the cost of living is going to be higher. However, we have found our current location the most financially difficult place we've lived. Many would think that it would be the opposite. We currently live in a small town. We used to reside in the suburbs of a major city. The major city area was much more affordable for us as we were able to get decent pay. Our housing hasn't changed since we moved. Granted, we now rent a house which we would not have been able to afford in the suburbs, but we are paying about the same as what we paid in the suburbs once utilities are added in. And honestly I'm okay with apartment living for now. No yard mowing - YAY.!!!!! I HATE mowing and so does T! I would miss the gardening a lot and I would hate for Boo to have nowhere for his sand box. But perhaps if we look hard enough we can find an affordable townhome so that we can have a bit of yard.

And home daycare is a business that I can take with me. Granted, I would have to go through licensing crap again, but oh well. And if we're in more of an urban area I can charge more for each child.

So where would we like to move? Well, ideally out west somewhere. Somewhere close to good hiking, camping, skiing, art galleries, museums, children's museums, good food, authentic Mexican food (yummo), and DRY HEAT!!!! So we'll see...but I must admit that I'm getting extremely antsy and I don't want to wait anymore. WAAAHHHH - see there's the whine!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Activity

Today, and probably part of tommorrow if we don't finish today, we're making Valentine's Day cards. Each kiddo will have 9 cards to make. I was going to do 10 for each kid, but I goofed when cutting the cards. So 9 for each it is! I have cut out tons of hearts - die cuts would be so much easier, but I'm doing it the cheapo way! I tore up red, white, and pastel blue tissue paper out. Yes...I realize that makes them a bit patriotic, but I thought the pastel blue would be a nice contrast color for the pink and red! The hearts were cut out of some cardstock I had. Magenta, light pink, and pink gingham pattern. I also stamped "Be Mine" "I Love You" "Love" "Valentine" and "Sweety" on little strips of the same cardstock that they can glue onto their cards. Usually I use glue stick for their crafts. Not today. We're going to go all out and use the messy, gooey Elmer's glue. It'll be a nice sensory experience for them. I'm trying not to focus on the clean up It'd be nice if I had some paper doilies. Those are always nice for Valentine's Day. Oh well - the tissue will be nice and will add a 3-dimensional aspect to the cards!

Natural Make-up Anyone???

Okay, awhile back I threw out tons of makeup. A lot of it was so old that I don't even want to think about the amount of bacteria that was probably growing in it! I'm wanting to replace some of it, but I want to go more natural this time and avoid products that are filled with toxins. I also want something that's going to work and stay in place. A HARD combination to find. Right now I'm especially in the market for a good lipstick. Right now all I have are lip glosses and honestly they all rub off probably within the hour of my applying them. So I think I need more of a lipstick than a gloss. If I want to add shine I can always put gloss over it. I don't like matte finish though because I think it looks cakey. So something that looks smooth, shiny if possible. Does anyone have experience with GOOD quality natural lipstick? Tell all please!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Maybe La Leche League??

I went to my LLL meeting last night. I haven't been in forever. It's not that I don't want to go or anything. I just get busy and well, if I'm being honest, sometimes my couch is beckoning to my butt in the evening after doing daycare all day long! ;) However, I've really been wanting to go back for several reasons. One, the leader is super nice and down to earth and we have similar thoughts on a lot of parenting, breastfeeding, birthing type issues.

The other reason is that I remember being so upset when Boo was first born when I was having problems with breastfeeding. It was hard to get going and there's soooo much misinformation out there. Thank goodness I didn't listen to the hospital nurses who told me he NEEDED formula because he was jaundiced. And also Boo's pedi at the time who said that he probably would need to be supplemented with formula due to weight gain issues. Not to mention that I was pretty much told I was "doing it wrong." Boo took a LONG time to nurse when he was little and I was told that I had to cut him off on each side after 15 minutes. I was told not to allow non-nutritive sucking. Hmmm....I would think if a LO is having a weight gain issue more time at the breast would be BETTER and less time would be WORSE. So...I didn't listen to them. I got advice from a local Attachment Parenting International group that has a bulletin board online. I ended up nursing him a lot more often. So for awhile I fed him every hour and a half. And he continued to take about 45 minutes to nurse. Do the math. Pretty much half of my day was spent on the couch. So he nursed about 12 times a day. But...guess what? It worked. He got what he needed. He's a happy, healthy toddler who's growing as he should! Anyways, I say all that to say this. Without the advice and support I received from this Attachment Parenting group who knows what would have happened to our nursing relationship. Would I have given up completely? Would I have supplemented, which ultimately does lead to early weaning for a lot of women and babies?

I didn't discover LLL until several months after all of this crisis! But, having gone through that, it makes me want to give back. I think more women would breastfeed if they had proper information and support. Anyways, for this reason, I missed American Idol last night - yes, this was very hard for! I went to LLL, enjoyed visiting with the leader there, and she actually presented me with a pamphlet about becoming a leader myself someday. The idea appeals to me and I'm mulling it over. I'm NOT an expert in any way, shape, or the idea is a bit intimidating to me. But in the same way, I'm a mom who nurses my child. I'm a mom who knows how important that breastfeeding relationship is. I'm a mom who was in tears the first week home from the hospital because my child REFUSED to nurse. And I guess I hope that because of all that I can be a mom who can come alongside someone else and support another mom that's frustrated, provide information when a pediatrician attempts to tell a mom that a baby NEEDS formula, and give a pep talk when one is needed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man

Well, there were two little tambourine men this morning. I made tambourines out of paper appetizer plates. I stapled the plates together and put some lentil beans inside. A cheap, easy musical instrument. They got to color on their tambourines with markers and glue hearts on them - being Valentine's week and all. N, dc kiddo, refused to put hearts on his - so his was just purple scribbling. Boo put hearts on his and proceeded to tear half of one of the hearts off. Plus he bit into one side of his tambourine. So I had to restaple where he bit a little hole in his tambourine! This is definitely a supervised toy as once it's bitten into, torn, etc...the lentil beans would pour out all over. But they had fun shaking their tambourines to music. For music we were listening to one of our Putamayo Kids CD's. Specifically we were listening to the Animal Playground CD. Here's a link that I found to Putamayo kids. The CD's are pretty great I think.

Putamayo Kids Music

I like that the CDs focus on different regions of the world, countries, etc...And I don't find the music to be extremely annoying as some children's music can be.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today's Activity

Well, first of all, hurray for a sunny day. I took the boys on a walk this morning and we got to play out back in the sandbox and with the toys for awhile. YAY YAY YAY!!!! I SOOO needed the sunshine - it does wonders for my mood. Plus, it's so nice to see them get to run around outside. Little boys need to be able to run off their energy like that!

After morning snack we did an activity with lentil beans. I put dry lentil beans in a rectangular baking dish with a spoon and some measuring cups. I also buried some cut out red and pink hearts for them to discover. I set out a couple of mixing bowls and a pitcher. They played with this for probably a good 40 minutes, scooping, digging, pouring, etc....

I got the idea from a blog that I've recently discovered:

Chasing Cheerios Blog

I want to do a lot more of this type of stuff in our daycare day. I really like the paintcolor card idea with the clothespins that's in the blog. I'm definitely going to work on creating a set!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally Updated Other Blog

I finally updated my other blog.


I'm hoping to start keeping up with it better as a way to keep my pregnancy as healthy as possible.

Friday, February 6, 2009

How Much Longer?

How much longer is Boo going to play in his crib? He's moved from the cot to the crib for naptime. He used to be on a cot downstairs with the daycare kiddo, but I've been working on getting him in his crib more as that will work better with more daycare kids and having an infant around. He's actually done great with the transition. But today instead of sleeping he's been playing. My room with the computer is right next to his bedroom so I can hear him cracking himself up in there. I have the lullaby music on, which usually signals him to lay down and go to sleep and usually works. Hmmmm...go to sleep child!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Licensing Rep is Coming!!!

Well, finally, the licensing rep is coming for daycare. She'll be here this Monday. I still have some things to finish up as I procrastinated on some things. So I'm going to bust my butt on Saturday and get a bunch of stuff done. I hope this goes well. I'm so ready to be over this hurdle!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We're Going the Homeschooling Route

I'm not sure if I've actually come out and said that we're going to be homeschooling. I know I've mentioned it to a few people. But we came to a definite decision shortly after Boo was born. I know it seems to be a bit young to think about a child's education, but that's me, always thinking way far ahead! I like to plan...even though the plans change all the time!

We've decided to go with a curriculum called Ambleside Online. It's a literature based curriculum. It follows the "Charlotte Mason" method, which has as its major emphases character development, nature study, and quality classical literature.

I like that one of the goals of a Charlotte Mason education is to develop a child's love of learning. I firmly believe that helping a child to love learning will do much more good in the long run than teaching a child to pass tests. Just my opinion though!

I know that homeschooling is not for everybody. We definitely know that this is the right decision for us and we're excited about the decision that we've made!

Here's a link to the Ambleside curriculum.

Ambleside Online

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a Wonderful Boy

Okay, I'm going to brag a bit here. You've been warned.

Boo has always been an easy, happy child. And he's so incredibly affectionate. He loves to give kisses and hugs. He also enjoys blowing on bellies. He cracks himself up with that. It's so amazing watching his personality develop. He loves to laugh and to have fun. He interacts more and more with our daycare kiddo. They like to play peekaboo together, dance together, stand on the rocking horses together (there's 2 horses and this is a big no no). They are partners in crime!

Boo always comes to see what's the matter when mommy gets hurt or cries. I cried during the movie "13 going on 30" yesterday (preggo hormones - go figure) and he came over to see what was the matter. Sometimes mommy gets hurt during his rambunctious play. I've been on the receiving end of a head butt that left me with a black eye. He always gives me kisses after he hurts me accidentally.

He loves puzzles, "pubbles", and books. Sometimes he sits and "reads" to himself out of a book. He especially loves sitting on mommy's lap and having mom read to him. He loves it when mommy gets on the floor to play with him and takes this opportunity to tackle mommy and dive over her!

And let's not forget his play with daddy. Boo shrieks when daddy gets home from work and always runs away so that daddy can chase him. He loves to cuddle with his daddy and loves playing blocks with daddy.

He loves his bunny Oscar. As soon as I get some good pics developed (yes, I still don't have a digital camera) of them together I'll post them. Boo loves feeding Oscar a carrot, although he does try to shove it down Oscar's throat. Oops! At this point in time Oscar is rather scared of Boo!

Boo's big dislikes right now are elevators and vacuum cleaners. He's very frightened of these things right now.

Hang in there Elfie!!

Well, it's been a bit since I've updated as I'm not real sure what to say. We had a scare last week and went to ER. We had an ultrasound and Elfie was okay then, but a bit younger than we thought. So Elfie's only at 7 weeks now.

Elfie at seven weeks

We're not sure how Elfie's doing this week. We had some scary things start over the weekend that have continued into this week. However, despite some things that could be indicative of a miscarriage, I've had NO cramping or pain. So, that's a very good sign. Hang in there Elfie. We love you and want you to grow and be healthy and be born.

Elfie is in God's hands and I've decided to think positively until I have reason to think otherwise! Negative thinking has certainly never helped anyone anyways. So there's the update on Elfie!