Friday, October 31, 2008

France Bans TV Shows Aimed At Children Under Three

I just got my new edition of Mothering magazine (a great one by the way). Anyhoo, there's an article about how France has banned French channels from airing tv shows that have a target audience younger than three years of age.

I think it's great that the French government is acting on behalf of children. However, I wonder who should have the say in this? I have no definitive opinion on this. I'm just sounding off. Should the government be able to ban something that's not good for children or should networks be able to do what they want, with parents making the final decision?

At this point I lean more towards leaving the networks alone and letting parents make the call. But, I can definitely see the other side on this issue.

I think there is far too much tv watching going on in this age group. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children younger than two years should not watch television.

My Boo does have a few Baby Einstein videos, but honestly I could probably count on two hands the number of times that he's watched them. I'm not against it and at this point don't feel like there needs to be any kind of similar ban in this country. But I do think that children who don't have the option of staring at a screen will have to be more creative in creating their own fun. Also, there are studies that have linked television viewing in young children to ADHD and/or autism.

I admit sometimes I feel a little left out that other people's toddlers are going nutso over Elmo and my child has no clue who Elmo is. But it's always a passing feeling.

Anyways, something to think about at least. My personal challenge is to watch less tv myself. Granted, my daycare is a television-free environment. The tv absolutely does not come on while dc kids are here. But all too often it gets turned on when hubby gets home and is on the rest of the evening. There's been times where Boo has shut the tv off and brought a book over as if to say, "Please stop staring at that screen and pay attention to me." So, while he's really not allowed to watch tv, I think I'm going to try to watch less myself.

Precious Gem Halloween Party

The kiddos are down for nap. We've had a wonderful time today. I had planned a craft where the toddlers get to put their Halloween stickers on paper pumpkins. I decided at the last minute that wasn't enough - and I think I was right. I'm glad I added more to our day. We had such a fun time this morning. We colored with markers on paper bats, we put stickers on paper pumpkins, and we went "fishing" for pears (I was out of apples). We had a blast. We did everything between breakfast and snack so that we could still get out before lunch and enjoy the fantabulous weather that we're having here. The kiddos got stripped down to their diapers for "fishing". I put some water in a roasting pan and added pears and plastic fish. They used a net to catch the fish and enjoyed picking up the pears out of the water. It was a great time to be had by all! After snack we went out for our usual wagon ride/outdoor play. This afternoon we're doing cookies. I kept it simple and bought prepackaged sugar cookies that are the shape and color of jack o' lanterns. So that will be our afternoon snack. Happy Halloween all!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nighttime diapering

It's been awhile since I've written about cloth diapering. We're still enjoying using cloth, but we've run into a problem. Boo's diaper reeks in the morning. I'm talking major ammonia smell. I've tried every combination known to man for nighttime - ok, maybe not, but I'm running out of money to try new things. I've tried stripping the diapers countless times. It doesn't seem to help. I don't have time to give him a bath in the morning as he often doesn't wake until after the dc kiddo is here. And I prefer not to just throw some lotion on him to cover the stench. I mean, come on, that's got "bad mommy" written all over it. the interest of not having the "stinky kid" I've decided to do disposables for nighttime diapering. I must say that T is absolutely elated. While he's been cooperative with cloth diapering he'd much prefer to use disposables. So he's thrilled. I will say that since we made the decision it's been nice to wake up to a non-stinky child. Although, I will say that disposables have a smell all their own that is not entirely pleasant. It's that overly powdery papery smell. I guess using cloth for so long I'm not really used to the smell of a disposable diaper. However, I'll take the powdery paper smell anyday over ammonia urine smell. I'm not saying I wouldn't try something else for nighttime. If anyone has any ideas I'd be open-minded. But for now I'm throwing in the towel. We still go through plenty of cloth during the day though!

I am thinking that he might be outgrowing some of his cloth. That makes me want to vomit...the thought of buying more cloth diapers. I keep trying to console myself with the fact that I won't be buying nearly so many cloth diapers with the next child. I think I'll feel more consoled when we actually have that child and don't have to buy diapers at all. Until then, it's financially painful to see so much money go to something that's on my child's butt!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Childcare Update

It's been a bit since I've written about the childcare business. Things are going pretty smoothly. My full-time dc kiddo is a great napper, so I love that! He's a few months older than Boo and so it's a lot of fun to see them together.

I'm interviewing a family this weekend for a spot, so we'll see how that goes. I'm so close to licensing that I can taste it, but I still have things to do. I feel a little overwhelmed. Plus, Christmas is around the corner and my mind is starting to turn to crafting and gifts. I think this will be a very busy season for me.

A Multi-party System

Why would I consider voting 3rd party? I've heard the argument that it's wasting a vote. I understand the sentiment behind this argument. There's a need by voters to feel as if their vote matters. And if one knows that a vote will not count, why cast it?

America has a multi-party system, not a two party system. Many people are fed up with the two party system. And many Americans would not only consider voting third party, but think that it would do the country some good if a third party president were elected. However, the majority of Americans believe that a third party cannot win. I got this information from the following poll. Pay attention to questions 33, 34, and 35:

Fox News Poll

So why don't people vote the way they believe? I think too many have bought into the line of thinking that says this vote would be wasted and they can't win anyways. However, if everyone who says they would consider a third party for president actually voted for a third party, wouldn't we see a change? The reality is that our system will continue to be a two-party system until we vote how we believe, instead of choosing the "lesser of two evils." We as Americans need to take responsibility for what the election process has become. This is, after all, our country. So until we do things differently there will be no change and things will continue the way they are.

I am now stepping down from my political soap box.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Added to the BLW Blog

I added to my BLW blog. It's been awhile, so I thought I'd post a little note here for anyone who may be following that one. The link is on the side of this page.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stuck in the Middle

Have you ever been at that place where you start a new project with all the ambition in the world only to get stuck in the middle? That's how I feel about my attempt to organize our bedroom. It started off well enough. I cleared the space of most unnecessary crap. I even went through all of my clothes and gave some to Goodwill and threw some out. Everything got moved into Boo's bedroom until it has a home. Once an item has a home it's allowed back in the bedroom. The problem is that we're stuck at the providing homes part. I got some containers so that some of my clothes would fit (my closet is useless so I removed the rod and am trying to build up a plastic drawer/container collection. I've got a shelf that will fit some of the office items. But really I'm going to need another shelf. I still need quite a few containers, but our budget for this project is nada at the moment. So I guess we'll work on the few things that we have bought, but everything else will have to sit in Boo's room until funds become available. I have a vision of what I'd like this room to be, but it's so far from my vision right now. With being on the verge of licensing for daycare it's sucking any extra money away right now, so we're pretty darn broke. And I've figured out that I need to paint. I'm waiting on a bid from a painter, but I'm not sure that I can afford him. So I guess I'll see. So for now I'll remain a little stuck with everything!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rainy Day and Bunny Love

Well, the word on Oscar is that he and Allie are starting to bond. They will go nose to nose now. How cute is that?! But they're still not ready to live together, so they need a bit more time. Oscar's still at the pet shop working on his relationship with Allie so that we can take it to the next level!

Todays' been a rainy day. That means no morning walk for us. Boo!!! And what a long morning it was without the walk. It makes me so thankful that I've made the walk a mandatory part of the program on days where the weather allows. I think we all feel better with the walk. The kiddos barely made it to lunch before they were starting to lose it. However, Boo decided he'd forego nap today. He finally went down 2 hours after our daycare kiddo. Ugh. So I might get a half an hour break if I'm lucky!

I'm looking forward to this Friday because I think I might finally have enough money to purchase a good table and chairs for the daycare. Woo hoo!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Building the Business

One thing about childcare is that it can be super expensive trying to get everything that is needed. I've been holding onto the business income so that I can save up for some things that are needed. But I'm so ready to cut myself that first paycheck. But I know that's the way it goes in small business. It's going to be awhile before I get to see the fruits of my labor. Talk about an exercise in patience!

I'm also looking at redoing our daycare space. Some areas are working for me and some are not. I'd like to make the space function a bit better. Since I have limited space to work with it's important that it's organized properly.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Like My New Job

Well, so far I like my new job. Things are actually going pretty smoothly thus far. Although, it's really stupid to write that because I'm just jinxing myself here! I forgot what a joy it is to work with other people's children.

We go out for a walk every morning after breakfast and before morning snack and it's so refreshing. It's nice because it helps to clear my groggy morning head and I know the boys enjoy it. We also spend every afternoon after nap outside. For that time we head out to the sandbox and we play with outdoor toys - balls, trikes, wagon, etc... Of course Boo tires of that after awhile and then decides that he'd like to play with the neighbors' broken fence. *sigh*

It is demanding. I don't sit down all day, but I honestly feel better being on a schedule. I feel like I get so much more done, even non-daycare stuff. It feels good to be so productive. Now if I could just get back to my crafting. I miss my sewing and knitting and winter and Christmas are just around the corner, both reasons to sew and knit. I made Christmas presents last year and I'd like to again this year. I just don't know how I'll have the time!

Oh well. I just realized the time and I need to run!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a Miserable Weekend!

I've been trying to keep my posts really positive, but what a miserable weekend! No sooner did my full-time kiddo leave on Friday than I started to feel a bit sick. Feeling a bit sick went quickly to fever and chills. That led to stomach ache and muscle aches and vomiting. Fun times. Poor Boo saw me throw up and it really upset him. What made it worse is I was trying to keep my distance so as not to get him sick. I still felt yucky all day Saturday. I didn't eat or drink much all day. Finally today I started eating more normally again. T got a bit of it late yesterday, but not to the extent that I did. So far so good with Boo. I'm hoping that the antibodies in my milk that he gets will keep him from getting sick. But he hasn't shown any signs yet. But I was sooo looking forward to having fun this weekend. We were supposed to go to a BBQ on Saturday that would've been so fun. Oh well. That's life sometimes. Also, I was supposed to get my hair done. I had to call and cancel. I know that my stylist is sooo booked this month too as she's covering some clients for another beautician who's on maternity leave. So I hope I can get in soon. My cute pixie cut isn't looking so cute or so pixieish lately. I'm hoping she can squeeze me in sometime this week.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy busy

Well, this week has been busy thus far, but fun. I make it a point to get the kids outside as much as possible. We go for a walk in the morning. And they play in the backyard in the afternoon. It's funny watching Boo adjust to all of this. I have to say that I'm pretty proud. He's taking all of this rather well so far. Although he doesn't nap as long as our daycare child, so he likes to wake up and pat him on the head saying, "nice". *sigh* So I have to keep him away while our daycare child sleeps another hour. So I've gotten about an hour completely to myself most days. Well, it's not really to myself, because I don't call cleaning the kitchen and doing other household chores an hour to myself. But its still nice and quiet!

T and I have been helping with Jr./Sr. High group at our church. That's on Wednesday nights. Last night we went out to the high school for a football game. We were quite a bit late due to T getting home from work late. Oh well, better late than never.

I called to check on Oscar and his possible girlfriend. Apparently she's being a butthead - the petshop owner's words, not mine! She wants more time to work with them. So she's got it. Oh, and I located Gizmo this morning. He's now back in his cage, rather unhappy about it I might add.

I've decided to join Weight Watchers this week. I've done it once before, but honestly, all I did was cheat the system. I'd starve myself all day and eat a candy bar every night. I lost weight - but somehow I don't think that's what the Weight Watchers creators had in mind! So, this time I'm going to try and actually do it right. I'm just so sick of carrying all this extra weight around. I've decided that I'm not going to take it into my 30s. I'm just not. I might even start a blog about my progress. But I'm not brave enough to post my weight or anything...just not going to do that.

Anyhoo, gotta run. I need to wake Boo up. Usually he's up by now. So I need to get him up and get him ready for his playmate who will be here within the next ten or fifteen minutes probably.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Bun Gone?

Oh where, oh where has my little bun gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
He got out of his cage in the basement,
Oh where, oh where can he be?

Gizmo, that is. Oscar is still with his girlfriend. The lady from Thorn's feel that the bonding may need a bit more time, but she's still hopeful. Apparently, Ally's being a bit difficult!

I haven't had time to look for Gizmo as I have a full-timer for daycare, so I can't really spend my time today searching the basement. Anyhoo, I'm really hoping he doesn't get hurt as our basement isn't bunny proofed. But I looked for him a bit while the kiddos were napping and he's nowhere to be found. But there are lots of hiding places in the basement.