Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out With a Bang

Well, this year is going out with a bang. Life really does throw some crazy surprises sometimes. However, it's in the "rolling with the punches" that we become who we are.

Our latest surprises? Our poor bunny Oscar died. He could not fight the infection any longer I think. We came downstairs this past Sunday to find that he was no longer with us. It's very sad. His cage is gone. We moved it out. Boo hasn't asked about Oscar at all, which seems strange to me. Perhaps somehow he knows - at least to the extent that a two year old could know something like this. He was a wonderful and loving pet. He will be missed.

Our other surprise happened Sunday evening. We were on a shopping trip and our car breathed it's last breath, revved for the last time, or however I should say it. We knew this was coming, so not a total surprise. But we didn't expect it to be quite so soon. So for the second time in the last five years we find ourselves temporarily without transportation. How I miss the days when T and I had two vehicles between us. I long to get back to that so that losing one car is not total loss of transportation and freedom. It will happen though. We just need to practice our patience.

So here we are. A few days later and all is calm. I had some good news health wise yesterday. So it was nice to have a positive thrown in there. My daycare kiddos are back today. That's another positive. After not having them for an entire week, it's nice to see them all today. We went out and played in the snow today. Twenty minutes to get ready for twenty minutes of outdoor play! It was a blast though. The kiddos loved the toboggan that T picked up for the daycare earlier this month. There's even a little hill in the backyard courtesy of my sloppy gardening style. Basically it's leftover sod that was never removed from the yard before it started to break down and grow tall weeds during spring and summer. I'm sure that it looked very trailor trash. But now all covered in snow, it's the perfect size for a toddler toboggan hill. The kiddos loved going "wee" down the hill!

I have a lot to look forward to in the new year. My business is going great and I feel confident that it will continue to do well. I have some exciting things that I'd like to add to the daycare, all in good time though. I will be ending this year on a very positive note, spending time with my family and with my wonderful nieces on New Year's Eve!

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