Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Addictions We Are and Aren't Enjoying Right Now

Well, it's been a super long time since I've posted. I think all of my blogs are starting out with that sentence. Maybe it's just expected by now that I disappear from the blogosphere on a regular basis. I guess maybe I should feel encouraged by this really. Could it be that I have a real life? Hmmm...

Well, when I thought about updating on our lives, the topic that came to mind is addictions. Yes, addictions. I've been addicted to some new things lately and have had to miss out on others. Hubby has his current addictions and Boo also has his.

My current addiction is knitting. I think it might be a crazy nesting thing. I started on some knit Ugg-style baby booties. I have one done, but I admit that my fire has died a bit. Fatigue will do that to you! But I hope to get the second bootie knit quickly. It is a quick knit as the pattern says, but the first bootie wasn't so much for me. I had to learn some new skills - a yarn over, knitting into the back of a loop, switching colors, duplicate stitching, and slip stitches to name a few. There's a saying I saw once on a facebook flair (when fb had flair) that said "I knit so I do not kill people." Well, with this project it was more like "I knit and now I want to kill people." But I finally figured out some new knitting tricks and then returned to that peaceful calm that knitting is supposed to bring. Oh heavenly bliss!

My addiction that I'm missing out on right now? Coffee. Yep...there it is. After receiving bags and bags of coffee from different people for Christmas presents, I'm not even able to enjoy. I'm one of those people that's okay with having the one cup during pregnancy, but my preggo body will NOT allow it this time. I tried and tried to make it work, but in the end I had to part as just friends with hope of resuming the relationship later. No matter what I ate before, with, or after my coffee I could not get rid of overwhelming shakiness on days that I had coffee. Big shrug on that one - didn't happen with my pregnancy with Boo. But it's just not working this time around. So instead I just look at my coffee beans every now and then that reside by my toaster in the cabinet. And I wonder "How fresh will you taste when I can finally drink you?" And then there's a very still small voice that says, "You know, you've gone this long. You'd be better off without it." Hmph...I admit my relationship with coffee mirrors one of those awful codependent relationships featured in your typical Lifetime movie. But oh the rich and earthy goodness of a cup of joe.

I don't know that it technically qualifies as an addiction, but hubby is glued to schoolwork morning, noon, and night. Of all the things to be addicted to, schoolwork is a great choice. However, I must admit that it's made its impression on our family life and that is not always easy. But many achievements in life are never reached if sacrifices are not made. He is doing really well in his studies. This fall he'll be able to complete the application process for various nursing programs and move forward. Oh what a happy day that will be! It will still be a long road, but it will be nice to get past that second milestone. The first milestone was passed simply by getting our plan rolling.

I guess that brings me to Boo and his current addictions. We're all about the puzzles right now. I bought a puzzle for him - I admit it was after reading how a friend's child was doing really spectacular with puzzles with lots of pieces. I have no need for us to keep up piece for piece, but it made me think "Hmm...I haven't really tried more challenging puzzles with Boo." And so that one thought began Boo's current infatuation. His first love was a pirate puzzle complete with a sea serpent of sorts. He has put this thing together so many times that he knows exactly where every piece goes. I admit that I actually do too! After a week I had to get him a new puzzle because the thought of putting the pirate puzzle together one more time was nearly nauseating. So his next puzzle was a robot puzzle. And that began his second love. His puzzle collection has grown a bit more since then, out of a desire to keep my sanity and to keep him challenged. I will have to continue to add to this collection as I can as the addiction shows no signs of fading anytime soon!

Well, I guess those are our current happenings. After little baby gets here end of June/ early July I plan to break out some lovely bottles of wine that were lovingly bought for me for Christmas and reintroduce myself to my wine addiction. No one call AA, just a glass now and then does wonders for the soul!

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