Thursday, July 7, 2011

Non-Spanking Help!

I found a blog post that I thought was really down to earth and practical. So here's a link for you.

Challenge the Moment: Love Your Child. Three Real Alternatives to Spanking

It's often very easy to find information about why spanking is not the best choice, the risks of spanking, etc..., but sometimes it's hard to find good practical advice as to know what to do when I'm about to blow. Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc on the ability to remain calm and level headed with my child, so this practical advice is very welcome right now. I hope it's useful to others as well!


  1. Thanks for posting this!! Its a GREAT article with great ideas! I am not a spanker, but a yeller and I am trying to so hard to curb that. I LOVE the idea of hugging/holding your child when they are really upset. I had an incident with Kayley recently and this would have been the PERFECT way to handle it!!1

  2. Jess - I'm glad you found this useful. I'm not a spanker so to speak, but have unfortunately swat at my child a few times in my late pregnancy hormonal state of angst and it makes me feel terrible. So any help cooling my jets right now is so welcome. And I also definitely do my fair share of yelling - another thing that has worsened with pregnancy. But I still yell when not preggo too! It can be a hard habit to break!