Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Gentle Discipline Resources

I was hoping to post a new resource every day until Spankout Day, but I didn't get that done. But anyways, here's a few things that I found.

This first link is actually a foster parent training link, but it's about Natural and Logical Consequences. I love natural and logical consequences. It just makes so much sense to me. Anyways, take a look if you like. It's a little presentation that you have to click through. I didn't read through the quiz questions, but you could if you wanted to.

Natural and Logical Consequences

This one also talks about natural and logical consequences as well as some guidelines.

Natural and Logical

This is some food for thought on time outs.

Time out

Some more food for thought on time outs.

Why Not Time-Outs

Well, that's quite a few links for now. Grab some coffee, kick your feet up, and enjoy!


  1. I can see the point for no time outs, but I feel that this is a good system that works for us. I never put a set time on time-outs for Lauren. She is in time out (where I can see her, she is never by herself) until she can calm down and I can talk to her about what she has been doing with her being calm. It also gives me time to calm down, collect my thoughts and think of how I'm going to address her behavior. 99% percent of the time when she is in time-out it is because she is hysterical and if I give her something (e.g. her teddy) she most likely will hit him and slam him into things so we don't let her have things in time out. I do ask her during her time out if she feels calm enough to come out and talk to me and sometimes she says no and sometimes she says yes. She has even started putting herself in time out now when she starts to feel frustrated and when she does that I tell her that it's fine if she is in time out but she did nothing wrong or inappropriate and she is free to get up and leave time out when she feels like it. Lauren is such a passionate, hot tempered little girl, that without time outs I fear she would become more violent (like slapping or hitting me while trying to re-direct her... I've tried this before) so we need those time outs for her to calm down and be in a place where she can't hurt someone (I have to make sure she's not hurting herself, too, as sometimes she resorts to that). Good food for thought, though. If someone has kids who are calm enough to be re-directed that easily, I say God bless them!

  2. Thanks Carey. I appreciate your insight. Obviously discipline is never a one size fits all approach and each family has to find what works for them. I'm glad you've found something that works for Lauren. And speaking of, I wish I could see her right now. I bet she's just such a big girl. Anyhoo, thanks for reading though. I appreciate different reading different perspectives on things!

  3. I really hope that once Lauren gets a little older she gets to the point where gentle re-direction works! I would much rather go that route! Rarely I can do that and I feel such a sense of accomplishment when it works. I hope that as she matures she gets out of this horrible tantrum and hitting/slapping phase. Especially before she goes to school! Crystal, I admire your ability to research and try things out so much! Thank you tons for sharing... I don't always get a chance to comment, but I really enjoy reading all the different things you find and try.