Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 30th is Spankout Day

Ever heard of Spankout day? I came across this recently. Here's the definition copied straight from the website that I came across:

SpankOut Day USA was initiated in 1998 to give widespread attention to the need to end corporal punishment of children and to promote non-violent ways of teaching children appropriate behavior. EPOCH-USA (End Physical Punishment of Children) sponsors SpankOut Day USA on April 30th of each year. All parents, guardians, and caregivers are encouraged to refrain from hitting children on this day, and to seek alternative methods of discipline through programs available in community agencies, churches and schools.

(Taken from The Center for Effective Discipline)

Anyways, I just wanted to put this out there for those who might be willing to give it a try. It's just one day. It'll give parents who participate a chance to maybe learn some new ways of dealing with frustrating behavior. I've already got some gentle parenting links on this page for those who might want to learn about some alternatives. I'd love it if a few people would give this a try.

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