Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Boo is officially in his big boy bed. We have one of those cribs that converts to a toddler bed with a rail. The rail only covers a portion of the side though. I'm not sure if this is standard? Anyways, he's adjusted really well to it. He got some Cars toddler bedding from his grandparents for his birthday (we put in the request in anticipation of this He's super excited that "McKeen and Mater" are on his bed. He's done really well. I was nervous how naptime would go. Monday was easy. He fell asleep before getting in his bed, so I just carried him there and put him in bed. Tuesday he was not asleep before nap and went into his bed awake. He laid there quietly and looked at me. I left the room and told him "night night" which is what I've been able to do with his daytime naps. He usually plays for a bit and then falls asleep. So I was curious how we would do when he could get out of bed. Well, I plopped myself down in the computer chair in the office. The office is across the hall from the bedroom. Anyways, before too long I hear little feet pitter pattering across the floor. So I get out of the chair and he must've heard me coming. I saw a flash, and I mean flash, of Ayden streak past the doorway. By the time I got to the doorway and poked my head in he was laying in bed face down. He must really think he fooled me! Anyways, I told him that he had to stay in bed and go "night night". To which he crinkled up his face and let out one of those "I don't like this" cries. That was short-lived. I heard him talking to himself for awhile after I left the room again. After it'd been quiet for awhile I poked my head in and sure enough he was asleep!

Wednesday he went right to sleep and today also. Although today he didn't stay in bed. He fell out of bed. I was sitting here in the office goofing around online/cleaning the office when I heard a BIG thud followed quicklky by a cry. Poor little guy fell out of bed head first. He has a HUGE knot in the middle of his forehead. Nothing that a little TLC and cuddling didn't fix. But he's definitely awake. He's sitting here right now talking about his favorite subject - trains!

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