Monday, August 17, 2009

Milk Goes Night Night

Well, we've been working on night weaning Boo. We've had 4 nights of night weaning so far and he's doing a wonderful job. My main reason for night weaning is that Boo has this habit of clamping down once he's asleep and I have one side that's constantly sore for that reason. I don't mind nursing through the night because he climbs into bed with us partway through the night anyways. So it's not like I have to do anything other than turn the right direction and I can do that while half asleep. That's much easier than having to get up and bounce him, rub his back, sing to him, or whatever other method that would be necessary to soothe him back to sleep. However, since I'm now in pain on one side all the time it's not relaxing to nurse at night because the pain wakes me up. So we've decided that now is the time.

The first night he screamed and screamed and screamed for 45 minutes. Poor guy. I kept repeating that "milk goes night night". He was not happy about it. But with some singing he finally went back to sleep. The second night he cried for maybe 20 minutes and then fell back asleep. The third night he cried a little bit, not for very long at all. Then he turned away from me and cuddled up to daddy. I wonder if that was his way of being mad at mommy! Last night he didn't wake up and ask for milk at all! I think he will be pretty well night weaned by the end of this week. Yay! I'm so proud with how well he's doing with this!

It's hard as a parent to withhold something that your child loves so dearly. But I can see that he's adapting very well. And he still seems very secure in our relationship. So I hope that means that I've done some things right along with all of my lovely mistakes!

Well, I'm off to vacuum the downstairs before daycare starts this morning. Fun fun!


  1. It took Mr O a few days too but now he doesn't wake up until 530am, which is awesome. He has his first nursing of the day (which is quite long) and then at around 630 he starts moving around all the while trying to continue nursing. Finally he lest go and tries to attack Big D.

  2. Aw. Cute. I can't wait to meet him!