Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Puppy Training Update

Well, we've had another training session. I must say that already Wally is a new puppy! The nipping problem? Pretty much gone. He still gets too wound up at times and nips, but that's the exception, not the rule. Yay Wally!

Currently we're working on sit, down, name recognition, "come", learning to walk correctly (i.e. no tugging on the leash, wandering off, etc...), "leave it"(teaching him to leave something that he wants alone). The BIG project right now? Grooming. He can't stand the nail trimming process. In fact he throws a little doggy tantrum when we try. The trainer cut his nails for me Monday and he went ballistic. So I get to hold him and pretend to trim his nails every night while he eats a treat.

I am really enjoying my time with Wally. Boo loves him. Boo loves to play fetch with Wally. Wally doesn't really bring the ball back, but he'll stand by while Boo picks the ball up and throws it again for him! It's so nice to see them interact together. Wally rarely nips/jumps at Boo anymore. He still occasionally has to be crated for it, but rarely. And it's usually because he gets too excited and jumpy.

I'm really glad that we decided to work with a trainer. She's really teaching us a lot and it'll be great to have a well-trained dog that can eventually interact more not just with our family but with the daycare kiddos also.

If anyone needs dog training, it's Tip Top Dog Training.

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