Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feeling Lucky

My hubby and I went to a marriage conference recently and I feel very privileged to have taken part. It's called the Love and Respect conference. I think the man who put it together has struck gold.

Anyways, I definitely feel a new appreciation for who my husband is as a person. It's easy to see all of the things that are ugly about a person (and we all have those ugly areas), but wouldn't life be so much more wonderful if we worked extra hard to find the good?

I feel blessed for who my hubby is. He gets up everyday and cleans my daycare area for me so that I can rest before my daycare kiddos get here. He heads to a job that is not really his thing and works hard every day to support his family. He's got a great sense of humor, always wanting to laugh and he has a heart of gold.

Sure we've struggled in our relationship as we're going on seven years of marriage in February of next year. But I think it's in the struggles that we became who we are today. And it's not perfect by any means, but definitely enjoyable and something I would not want to do without!

Cheers - to marriage - sip sip (coffee this time of morning)

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