Friday, November 20, 2009

In Honor of Angel Baby

I realized that our baby would be approximately two months old if she were here (I write in the feminine to simplify, as we have no way of knowing). I'm posting this not as a pity party, but as a remembrance of a baby that was so beautiful that she sprouted wings and went to heaven right away.

I've realized that I have a strong desire to name this baby. But there's a lot of pressure in picking the perfect name. But I want my baby to have a name in heaven. Silly I know. And who knows how these things really work in the after life, but it's something that's important to me.

Ani Lucille Tribbett - Estimated Due Date 9/5/09, Flew to heaven around 1/31/09

Ani means "beautiful" and Lucille means "bringer of light". This seems appropriate as she was a beautiful light in our lives for a short while.

In her honor I'm re-posting the original poem that I wrote for her.

Peek-a-boo Angel Baby

Peek-a-boo baby

Oh where did you go?

Peek-a-boo baby

I long to hold you so

Tiny one, did you fly to


Mommy can’t hold you there

But God can.

Peek-a-boo baby

I’ll find you someday

On a cloud, on a star,

Beyond the Milky Way

Dear precious one

Until that time

Bask in God’s love

Which is truly divine

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