Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthing Resources Please????

I have become much crunchier, for lack of a better word, since my last pregnancy. So, for those of you who are into natural birth, what are some resources you'd recommend? Books, videos, websites, etc... I'm really hoping T and I can take a class this time around. It's hard for us to do this because all of the birthing classes are an hour away. With T's work schedule this is just about impossible for us. The one that our local hospital offered was honestly a big joke and a waste of our time.

Are there any birthing classes via DVDs that we could order? We got this one called The Pink Kit last time and it didn't work for us. The material was good, but it was a lot of reading and printed stuff. T is a visual learner and I think we would both do better with keeping up with videos. Are there any local classes that I just don't know about? As far as method goes I want something with a natural focus. I read a book on the Bradley method and that seems interesting, but I know there's other approaches out there. As long as the focus is on natural birth, I'm probably interested.

Here's where baby's development is at right now:

Week 6


  1. I had two wonderful Bradley births with Anna and Alex and would love to talk to you about them sometime and share the resources I have. As a matter of fact, I am such a Bradley fan that I've looked into becoming a Bradley instructor! Our midwife, Amy Mefford, was the one who turned us on to Bradley when we told her what we were hoping for with our birthing experience. She was extremely supportive and we also had a birth DOULA who was AWESOME!!! We had become such a team by the time Alex's birth rolled around that David and Amy sat around drinking coffee and chatting during the majority of my labor!-Sarah P.

  2. My favorite book is Birthing From Within (thought that's more for you then him). I also really like The Natural Pregnancy Book as a general resource. I'd hire a doula if you will be at the hospital and ask for her recs on classes. If you find a midwife (any luck on that??) and do the homebirth route you probably won't need to worry about the classes as much. Maybe talk about what normal birth looks like with your husband and also maybe watch some of the YouTube videos of homebirths. Also, check out MotheringDotCommune forums for further crunchy info! hth!