Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cloth Diaper Update

What we're currently loving: The Bumgenius that we finally broke down and ordered. They're the one-size. LOVE them.

What we're going to do for little "Elf": I think Bumgenius may be too poofy for a newborn. I'm thinking I'll build a newborn stash for the new baby. We don't have a newborn stash because we didn't CD Boo when he was newborn. I will probably hold onto the small pockets also in case I need a trimmer option for under clothing - not sure if the one-sizers will be too poofy with certain outfits in the size small. I'm going to sell off a lot of the medium pockets, as well as fitteds and wool that we don't use.

I wanted to love wool and I really do. If I was just a SAHM with no work responsibilities I'd be feeling the wool love. But they take so much time to wash/dry/care for, I just don't have the time for that.

Also currently loving: Pre-folds and thirsties covers. I LOVE the thirsties covers and wish that I'd discovered them sooner. I will be ordering a few of these in small and in medium as I only have larges. I will also be getting prefolds in smaller sizes as we only have toddler size prefolds. They're the most economical option. I love just putting on the bumgenius - so much easier and less effort, but prefolds are essential to keep the cost down. And once you get the hang of it they're not a big deal. They're also extremely absorbent. Of course the bumgenius are too. I was pleasantly surprised as Boo will wet through anything that's not wonderfully absorbent!

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