Monday, March 30, 2009


I have no daycare kiddos today as Boo is sick. So I've been rearranging today, when I'm not sitting and holding Boo anyways. T and I had decided that we wanted to change around the upstairs. The arrangement had been a bedroom for Boo and a bedroom/office for me and T. That has not been working well. In our bedroom we had a computer desk, a huge bookshelf, a dresser, a printer stand, and a bed. And let me tell you, it's not a big bedroom. So, it's just been too cramped and almost impossible to keep clean because there's just too much stuff that goes into one little room. Boo is pretty much never in his bedroom. He naps in there during the day, but we still cosleep at night. So this is what we decided. We nixed Boo's bedroom as it's never used. He's at the age where he really doesn't want to go into his room to play by himself, know what I mean? That will come later. So we moved our bed into his room and we now all share a bedroom. So what used to be me and T's bedroom/office is now only going to be an office. Boo's toyshelf from his bedroom was moved into the office so that he has stuff to play with if we're spending time in there at the computer.

Now T will have room for his art desk in the newly created office. Eventually we'd like to add one of those little children's easles to the room so that Boo can create alongside daddy or mommy.

Anyways, I'm digging the new bedroom as I'm excited about being able to go to sleep at night and not see the piles of junk on the computer desk. And I think this arrangement makes way better use of the space in our upstairs. By the time Boo is actually wanting a room to play in I'm sure we'll have moved anyways. So this seems a much better arrangement for our family right now.


  1. I hear ya. We have Nick's office in our bedroom and it's nice to work there because of the view into the backyard but it is always cluttered with papers and books that have no other home. But I figure busier people have lived with less space than we have. These old houses in G'burg definitely have character but usually at the cost of inefficient layouts. I guess they didn't need space for a TV and computer in homes built before the great depression.

  2. How is the new arrangement working out?

  3. We like it so much better Kristen. The office room still isn't done and has piles of junk everywhere. It's been so nice going to sleep in our new bedroom and not staring at piles of junk/clothes/etc...while trying to fall asleep!