Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pumping at 3 AM

Yes, that's what I'm doing. I'm pumping at 3 am. It's very very hard to keep up with the milk that Boo needs during the day while I'm at work. Tomorrow I'm going to be out of town for training and I'm a bit short, so hence the middle of the night pumping.

Work has been going okay. I think that the job will be interesting and not too horrible. The first couple of weeks were okay. This week I'm having a harder time. I cried on my drive to work yesterday. Boo is at a point where he knows that I'm leaving and starts whining when he sees me getting my keys and putting on my coat. It's so sad. I feel like my heart is continually being ripped from my chest all day long. But, this is life and this is our reality right now. So what's one to do but just deal with it, right? I just remind myself that I'm doing this so that T can go to school and maybe someday I won't have to go to work and can stay home with our many children. That would be wonderful. Although, I remember what hard work that is being home all day.

We finally did get our tax return and Boo made out like a fat rat. It's nice to get extra on the return due to having a child, but it all went to him anyways.

For the record, I hate pumping. I'm glad there's a way that I can get milk for my baby while I work. But I hate pumping. I've pumped several times in a bathroom sitting on the floor. No fun. When I'm at my office I shut my office door and pump. I share with one other person, but my desk faces a wall away from her, so I can just pump away without worrying about flashing anyone. When I'm not at the office (which is when I'm out of town for training) I must rush to the bathroom inbetween training activities and pump. It's pretty frustrating. That's going to be my lot in life tomorrow as I'll be out of town. Ugh.

Well, looks like I've got enough milk now. I'm going to go back to bed and try to get more sleep before 6 am rolls around.

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