Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What I've Been Up To

So it's been a little while. Everytime I resolve to be better at updating my blog I do okay for a few days and then it drops off of the radar for awhile. But that's life in all of its glorious busyness! T and I have been making it a point to get out and about a lot more...especially with it being summer. When you live somewhere that has four distinct seasons it's very important to get out while the getting is good. Although, the past couple of years I've felt that we've had two seasons as spring and fall don't seem to be as separate and lengthy as they used to be. This is really noticable with fall. It seems like last year the weather went from hot to freezing pretty quickly. That was pretty disappointing. I love fall when the earth is covered in beautiful hues of oranges/yellows/reds. It's such a pretty time. And now I realize that I'm rambling about the weather. Oh well.

In our getting out and about we've done a couple of things. We've gone to the Olde English Faire at Jubilee State College Park in Brimfield, IL. That was fun. We had some homemade rootbeer that was especially tasty. I bought some natural soaps...which I love. We pushed Boo around in the stroller and he seemed to enjoy people watching as well as gobbling up pieces of turkey from my smoked turkey leg. Oh, and I had some apple dumpling that was to die for. It was incredibly tasty.

Last weekend we dropped by Railroad Days - a festival that celebrates the railroad and its history. And let me say it's gone downhill from when I went as a kid. Honestly, we were largely unimpressed. But, Boo enjoyed looking at everything. And we had some awesome BBQ pork sandwhiches. So that was good.

We also picked up our bike trailor last weekend. We tried Boo out in it. He was a little hesitant at first, but I think that he decided to like the bikeride after all. And let me tell you, biking with a working tire is an entirely new experience. Last time we went biking - which has been awhile because both of our bikes have needed repairs for some time - I could not keep up for the life of me. I was pedaling twice as fast as everyone that I was with, but to no avail. Lo and behold my hunch was right. Something was wrong with the tube and the air valve on my tire. I felt like a new woman riding my bike this week. And I must say I felt relieved to know that my hunch was right about the tire...a little self-esteem boost about my ability to ride my bicycle.

Anyways, I'm working on the home daycare, but it's really really slow-going. Part of the reason is that there's so much organizing/rearranging/fixing up that needs to be done around the house. We both want certain things in place prior to opening the daycare. Plus, there's paperwork stuff that needs to be done. It's really hard to find the time since I already work a full-time job. So it feels very much like having a second job right now. I know it will be worth it in the end. But I'd rather take it slow and steady because after all, I'm only human. Plus, there is some expense in getting ready and I want to spread the expense out as much as possible. I've written my parent contract and I'm working on writing my policies. I need to come up with a good name for my childcare (I'm not putting the word daycare in the name), but so far my mind has been pretty blank. I welcome all ideas on that one. As soon as I figure out a good name I'll probably open a business checking account, but I need to be really sure on the name before taking that step.

Anyways, this is a huge entry. So if you're still with me you're very sweet! Take care.

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