Saturday, July 26, 2008

Take this job and shove it

Well, that's what I felt like saying. Instead I gave a nice, polite two weeks notice. I've been getting more and more done for the daycare and feel that I'm at a point where there are things that just aren't going to get done when I'm at work 40 hours a week. Soooo...I've decided to cut that tie. I'll be done working on August 8th. My goal for starting the home daycare is September 1st. This gives me three weeks of inbetween time. Hopefully that'll be enough to get the house organized/scrubbed, finish up paperwork stuff for daycare, interview parents, and line up a few kids. I won't be licensed yet when I start, so that means I can have two kids in addition to my own sweet Boo. I feel like that's plenty to start with. I think I'd rather start with two than with five anyways. And I can just do that until the license comes through. It's a bit scary as I know things are going to be tight financially until the daycare really gets under way, which might be awhile. But it is what it is and we'll deal with it the best we can.

I feel very official this week though. My business now has a tax id number and I have a business checking account. Also business checks and business cards are on the way. I've got the paperwork to register my business name with the state as a servicemark. I just haven't sent it in yet though.

Some big things I'd like to accomplish are setting up my office/files and typing up my policies/parent handbook. So we'll see how that goes. So there you have it, and now I must do some work!

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