Monday, November 3, 2008

Boo had a bottle today

I've been having an ongoing issue with breastfeeding for over a week and a half. I was bit while nursing Boo awhile back. Since that time nursing became more and more painful and finally nearly unbearable. I tried Lansinoh. At someone's suggestion I tried a nipple shield. That just encouraged him to chew because it must've felt like a teether to him! Soooo...with the wound continuing to not heal (every time it seemed on the path to healing it got reopened), I finally chose the method of last resort. No nursing on that side. It's terrible because Boo always wants both sides. So I really didn't want to go this route because I knew how incredibly sad he would be. So today's been a bit rough. He's been eating on one side only and I've been pumping and giving him what I pumped. Earlier today he took it in a sippy cup. However, after his nap (which is when he usually cuddles and nurses while dc kiddo sleeps) he pitched a fit when I put the milk in his sippy cup. Soooo...I had to get out the bottle and give the milk to him in the bottle and I held him just like we were nursing. It was kind of weird as I haven't given him a bottle since he was several days old. I had some issues getting started with breastfeeding back then. Anyways, so it felt odd giving him a bottle. But he was much happier with the bottle and all cuddled up to mom. So, whatever works, right? Anyways, I'm hoping this heals fast as this really is a pain and I know he's rather sad about one side being off limits!

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  1. I had one side that that happened to when I was nursing my daughter and it turned out I was pregnant with my son!! Hence, the extended tenderness... I continued nursing for 3 months though and just dealt with the pain until she weaned!