Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just Some Random Muttering

I've started a new dc kiddo. She only comes three days a week and she comes at seven. My current one doesn't get here until eight. So that means I have to drag my lazy butt out of bed an hour earlier. Bummer! But I am happy to have another female in the house. I'm at max capacity for under two - even after getting licensed. The rest of the kiddos will have to be two or older. Although, I have one now who turns two in February, so I'll have a toddler spot open up then.

There are so many things I need to get done for licensing. I look around and the house just seems such a wreck to me. There's still areas that need to be painted. I'm thinking about maybe this weekend doing some scraping and painting on the areas that absolutely have to be fixed for licensing. The thing that sucks is that our landlord doesn't know what color is on the wall and doesn't know where the paint is - I guess he used to have some. Soooo...that means I'm going to have to try to match it and just let the wall look splotchy until we can afford to pain the whole thing. But...whatever. I just want it done so that it doesn't hold me back from licensing.

We're set to redo our lease soon and the landlord has casually mentioned that buying the house on contract could be an option. So...I'm needing to research that as I know nothing about how that would work. We definitely won't get a house with our credit anytime soon, so this could be a feasible way for us to get around that. The thing is, we're not sure where we're headed and want to be careful about getting too tied down. So we're just not sure at this point. But it's nice to know the option is on the table right now.

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