Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Language Arts According to Boo

One of the fun things about little children is their language development. As a mom I never know what Boo is going to say next or how he's going to say it. As he ages his words get clearer and clearer, but he still hangs on to quite a few idiosyncratic pronunciations. So this is my way of preserving them before they're gone forever. Here are some of my favorites:

Boo's Pronunciation Actual Word

Bunnon Button
Panuhcakes Pancakes
bllooooo Blue
Aynen Ayden
Dasaur Dinosaur
Kimuss Christmas
Mikeen Lightning McQueen
Tane Train, also refers to semis seen on the interstate
Gampuh Grandpa
Gammuh Grandma
Ornage Orange
Sillal Cereal
Blanklet Blanket

More Language Fun

Marley and Marley and Marley = The Muppet Christmas Carol
Dollars = refers to anything paper, such as receipts, scraps of paper, even the tag inside of his Christmas stocking was referred to as dollars!
uh-oh = not just used for accidental situations. Used to point out things of interest, kind of like a verbal exclamation point. Ex- Boo exclaimed "Uh-oh. Dinner" while in the car with his grandparents. They were driving past a restaurant that T and I have taken him to for dinner before!
Night night rilla = Good night Gorilla
coffee = This is what he calls his hot chocolate that he gets through the drive-thru of the local coffee shop
No go bed = I threw this in for Boo because I'm sure that he thinks this saying is fun. I don't!

Anyways, I thought I'd post this for something fun while I'm still giving careful consideration to my goals for the new year!

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