Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

Well, we had a lovely New Year's Eve party. My nieces were here and we had a good time eating pizza and hanging out. Wally also joined in the fun for a bit. We made some rock band bling bracelets from a kit that I picked up at Target. Boo played with snowman stickers instead of making a bracelet.

Poor little Boo developed a fever early on, so he had some medicine and went to bed with daddy. :(

My nieces wanted to watch Harry Potter until the countdown, so I popped in the first of the Harry Potter movies and promptly fell asleep. I was awoken later when the movie was over to realize that it was four minutes until midnight (according to my watch anyways). So I flipped on the tv and looked for the countdown, but we completely missed it!

So I passed out the sparkling grape juice, party hats, and noisemakers and we cheered in the new year. The youngest of my nieces that was in attendance fell asleep sitting up, so we had a good time sticking a party hat on her head and a noisemaker in her mouth and taking pictures of her snoozing away with her party gear on! We also tried to get Wally to let us put a party hat on his head. But being the wild puppy that he is, we weren't successful with that. In the end we put a party hat on top of his crate and took a picture.

We slept in late that morning and had pancakes and sausage for breakfast courtesy of T. The girls left shortly after that.

Poor Boo has carried his fever into the new year. He was feverish all day yesterday and into the evening. So we'll probably be ringing in the new year with a visit to Prompt Care tomorrow. My child has a knack for getting sick when the doctor's office is closed! I do hope he feels better soon. It stinks to see him clearly not feeling well.

Anyways, as the new year rings in, I'd love to post some goals for the year, but I've been so busy lately I haven't really sat down to think through what those goals might be. So perhaps they will come, but a little late.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope for good things to come!

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