Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some Small Victories

Well, we will get to use our new YMCA membership for the first time tonight. Specifically, we're planning to take Boo to the pool. He has a fear of pools, so we'd really like to expose him a bit more. I wasn't sure that Boo had any swimwear. I did find a pair of Lightning McQueen swim trunks that he got last summer for his birthday, but they're 4T! They do have a tie so I guess we'll find out tonight if they are going to stay up or not. I think he'd be more likely to fit into his 18 month size from last summer, but I think I've packed them away and I don't feel like looking for them. So we'll try the Cars swim trunks.

I found a set of plastic drawers in my closet that wasn't getting used. I originally bought it to help me store clothes as the clothing racks in my closet are useless for this purpose. But honestly, this set of drawers pretty much never gets any use. Perhaps if my laundry made it out of the basket before being worn again it would get used! I think it'll get more use as a craft paper storage unit. Currently all the daycare paper and felt is shoved in a wooden basket in my craft cabinet. The edges are getting bent and it's all piled together. It's hard to see what I have. So now I have sorted the paper and felt into separate drawers. The drawers are perfectly sized for this purpose. Construction paper is separated from cardstock. White paper and felt have their own drawers. I'll need to find a spot for my jumbo-sized finger paint paper and my roll of contact paper, but that will come in time!

There are some things boxed up ready to go to the basement. I'm trying to get into the habit of grabbing a box everytime I go upstairs so that I can start to see some space in the craft/supply room.

I've been using sparkpeople consistently which is a victory. Now I just need to do a better job of staying within my daily targets. But the fact that I'm tracking consistently is a start. I had a good day with my targets and two bad days. But I still feel I'm doing better than I have been for the past month, so I'm on the right track as far as that goes!

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