Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reflecting on Last Year's Resolutions

I came across something like this in one of the blogs that I read and thought it was a great idea. It's fun to make resolutions, but doesn't it make sense to look back and see if we accomplished what we set out to do? So I've decided to grade myself on last year's resolutions.

Here's my resolutions from last year:

* Attend weight watchers meetings regularly.

I'm giving myself a C for this. The grade could be lower because my attendance SUCKED, but I did lose roughly 25 pounds last year with weight watchers and kept it off. So that's why I'm getting a C instead of a D. However, it was when I was attending meetings regularly that I lost the weight. It was when I was blowing off meetings that I stalled. I'm one of those people that just needs to go the meetings in order to be successful.

* Be more social. Have people over more and go out with others a bit more.

I get a B for this. There's definitely quite a bit of room for improvement, but for me I think I did pretty well. I tend to be an introvert (and I'm completely okay with that by the way), so it doesn't take much social interaction for me to feel great in that area. But there's still room for improvement. However, with a really great friend moving to the area during the new year this area will only continue to get better. Plus I've made some good friends through my business and I'm sure those will continue to improve also. Overall, the social state of things for me in the Burg is dramatically different (in a good way) than it was four years ago.

* Get Boo's scrapbook done through year 2 before his second birthday so that I can put it on display.

Hahahahahahaha. F---- I think I'm going to buy a bunch of cheap photo albums this year and just get the pics put away. Fron now on scrapbooking will be only for special events/trips/etc...I just can't keep up otherwise!

So it's a mixed bag I guess as to how I did with my resolutions. However, there were many great things that happened last year that were not a part of my resolutions. So overall I feel like it was a happy and successful year.

I'll be posting on my goals for this year when I get a chance to sit down and think about it!

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