Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Little Recognition Today!

Today we finished half of the necessary work we want done in order to have our dishwasher up and running. We had the plumbing hook-ups installed. Hurray! The plumber was here for quite a bit this morning and as the children played in their usual boisterous ways I found myself wondering if I should have warned him to bring ear plugs. When I mentioned that to him, he did say that he remembered that I did daycare so he knew there'd be kids running around. He did work for us on our water heater when we first moved in. Prior to leaving he told me that I had the patience of Job. I'd love to believe that, but unfortunately my patience is limited to certain people and situations. My patience with my kiddos during the day is okay most days. My patience in other areas of my life? Hmmmm...not so great, but it was a nice compliment anyways. He also told me that I deserved an award. Then he paused and thought for a second and said that I deserved several awards! I have to admit that made me feel good and smile. I have parents who are pretty appreciative of what I do. But I have definitely had run-ins with people who don't "get" what I do, that I'm not sitting at home with my feet up watching kids destroy my house five days a week. I've thought of all the things that go into my job and the list is quite extensive. I'm a....

boo-boo kisser
diaper changer
early childhood teacher
first aid provider
music teacher
program director
project manager
inventory specialist
marketing director
activities director
child development specialist
behavioral consultant
purchasing agent

...well, that's a decent start! ;) Anyways, it was just kind of nice to get that little boost today.

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