Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Camping We Did Go

What a lovely time we had this weekend. I feel as if I must write before the memories fade too much. The family and I packed up on Saturday and headed to Johnson Sauk Trail for camping. We would've liked to go on Friday evening, but we were zonked. I had my DCFS address change licensing visit for the daycare on Friday and that always makes for a long day. But I was 100% in compliance and the visit went really well. So that was really nice. But my intention was to pack my stuff Friday night as hubby was working on getting the camping stuff together. Instead I climbed onto our bed at 9:00pm that night to look at a book Boo wanted to show me and fell fast asleep. Oops! So the next morning was a mad dash to pack and I do admit that we are wanting to become way more organized with the packing/unpacking/planning process when it comes to camping. So we are planning to make a master packing list and laminate it sometime soon while the experience is fresh in our minds. There were a few things that we forgot, but mostly we were okay.

It took us forever to get our tent set up. It was a new tent and like all disorganized campers we did not practice setting it up prior to leaving. So we looked like a couple of buffoons until we figured out our new tent, which is exceptionally nice I must say.

After tent set up we took Boo in a paddleboat on the lake. He loved being on the boat, but I've forgotten how tiring a paddleboat can be. It was good fun though. I love being on the water. There's something amazingly therapeutic and relaxing about water. Well, mostly. Hubby and I did bicker a fair amount of time about how to properly steer the paddleboat - I guess we truly are an old married couple!

Anyways, after that we went back to our site and grabbed Wally - yes, even the dog came camping - and headed out for some hiking. I planned on Boo tiring soon and brought my Ergo carrier for him. So hubby, Boo, Wally, and I set out for an hour and a half or so of hiking the trails. It was loads of fun - I LOVE to hike. It's one of those forms of exercise that just doesn't feel like exercise to me - it's just too stinking fun! Anyways, after that we headed back to the campsite for that staple campfire dinner - hot dogs!

Poor Boo covered his eyes while the fire was going. He's a bit sensitive about some things and a big bright campfire is one of them! He conked out pretty much right after dinner and hubby and I took turns treating ourselves to a shower. Ah - the luxury! Then we did smores while Boo slept in the tent.

It was a pretty short trip and we would've liked to do more. We realize that we need to be more organized to maximize our time camping, but we'll get there. We just need more practice. So we're already planning more trips for this year before the weather gets too cold.

The morning was pretty uneventful, just breakfast and packing up. I will say the highlight of the morning was hubby accidentally spraying shaving cream on himself instead of deodorant. He has spray deodorant and I guess when you're tired from a full day the day before it's easy to mix it up. It was a bit funny though!

Mostly Boo loved it. But I did have to explain to him Saturday night that we were going home the next day because he looked a little worried that the tent was our new house. He didn't care for the bugs - I can't say I blame him. We put bug spray on him, but he was still bitten quite a bit. I think he'll be happy to go back, but he's not ready for more than one night just yet. We're pretty sure he would've had a complete melt down if we had told him we were staying a second night. He had fun, but he was definitely excited to come home. Wally did fantastic camping! We were so proud of him. Only a few times did he get extra "barky" and that was right around bedtime of course. But it was all new to him. Overall I think he was in dog heaven. He was calm and relaxed and definitely in his element. Those who have met my dog know that calm and relaxed are not usually words that would describe him. I even think hubby and the dog bonded a bit which was pretty great.

Anyhoo, we have lots to do. I have the day off tomorrow, but I'd like to get unpacking and cleanup done so that other than doctor appointments tomorrow, it's just kind of a rest day. That sounds utterly fantastic!

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