Monday, February 4, 2008

Climbing Mount Everest and Folding Dirty Laundry

Well, so far today has been a mixed bag. I've been so proud of myself for working on laundry today and actually getting stuff done (I'm glad you can't see through this screen to the rest of the house). Anyways, yesterday I carried a basket up from downstairs that appeared to be clean laundry. I mean, it was sitting in front of the dryer which is where I always put the basket for clean laundry. So I assumed it was laundry that had been emptied out of the dryer. Boo was fussing so I brought him over and sat him in his bumbo next to me while I folded laundry. After folding several items I came across one that looked like it had stuff on it. whiff told me what I feared. That item was dirty. That led me to my next conclusion. The entire basket was dirty laundry. Just when I was proud of myself for being productive. Oh bother.

I did have an accomplishment to offset the folding of the dirty laundry. I managed to climb Mt. Everest. Okay - not really. I put my child to sleep, but some days that feels like Mt. Everest. Boo is notorious for waking the moment I try to lay him down. Agh!!! But today he cooperated with me. Mission accomplished!

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