Thursday, February 21, 2008

Come on Tax Return

We've been desperately waiting for our tax return. Come on Uncle Sam - Be quick for once in your life! We have so many plans including buying groceries. I'm pretty excited about that one myself. We will be saving some. Hmm....a savings account...what a concept. But I must admit that the majority of it will be spent. Some on unpaid bills and a lot of it on Boo. He's going to make out like a bandit and it's not even his birthday. Lucky duck.

The biggest purchase will be his convertible car seat. He doesn't necessarily need it right away, but I'd rather get it when I know we've got it, know what I mean? He'll also get a crib mattress. His crib has been looking awfully lonely without one. So finally he'll actually have the option of sleeping in his crib. Although with us co-sleeping it will still only be used for daytime naps for awhile yet. He'll also be getting a changing pad and covers on it so I don't have to lay his soft, snuggly little self on a hard dresser in order to change him. A baby gate will be in order to keep his curious little self from killing himself on our wooden stairs. Actually we'll probably need at least two baby gates. Oy! They're not cheap! I'm going to add to his cloth diaper collection so that I don't have to do laundry as much. Yay - looking forward to this a lot. Also, I'll be buying Boo some bottles that are free of BPA. After looking around I think I'm going to go for Sassy's new Mams Bottles. I really like the glass bottles, but these were more affordable. And they're polypropylene as opposed to polycarbonate. If there's enough tax return left I'd like to get a trailor for my bike so that I can take Boo on bike rides when it warms up a bit. I'd also like to paint and decorate his room and get him a sandbox for summer (which would be part of his birthday). I don't want much do I?

As for myself I do need to get clothes for work, especially since I start on Monday. Come on tax return. Did I already say that? Anyways, my progress on that will be on my other blog - Thrifting the Year Away, seeing as my goal is to only buy clothing from thrift shops this year. My town has an awful selection though. Why didn't I challenge myself to do this while still living in the Burbs? Oh well. Hopefully I'll get lucky.

Well, it's getting late and I'm really going to regret it if I don't hurry up and get my arse in bed.

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  1. You mean you don't want all those lovely electric blue and hot pink 80's fashions at Cottage Corner and the likes? Tsk tsk