Friday, October 31, 2008

Precious Gem Halloween Party

The kiddos are down for nap. We've had a wonderful time today. I had planned a craft where the toddlers get to put their Halloween stickers on paper pumpkins. I decided at the last minute that wasn't enough - and I think I was right. I'm glad I added more to our day. We had such a fun time this morning. We colored with markers on paper bats, we put stickers on paper pumpkins, and we went "fishing" for pears (I was out of apples). We had a blast. We did everything between breakfast and snack so that we could still get out before lunch and enjoy the fantabulous weather that we're having here. The kiddos got stripped down to their diapers for "fishing". I put some water in a roasting pan and added pears and plastic fish. They used a net to catch the fish and enjoyed picking up the pears out of the water. It was a great time to be had by all! After snack we went out for our usual wagon ride/outdoor play. This afternoon we're doing cookies. I kept it simple and bought prepackaged sugar cookies that are the shape and color of jack o' lanterns. So that will be our afternoon snack. Happy Halloween all!

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