Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Like My New Job

Well, so far I like my new job. Things are actually going pretty smoothly thus far. Although, it's really stupid to write that because I'm just jinxing myself here! I forgot what a joy it is to work with other people's children.

We go out for a walk every morning after breakfast and before morning snack and it's so refreshing. It's nice because it helps to clear my groggy morning head and I know the boys enjoy it. We also spend every afternoon after nap outside. For that time we head out to the sandbox and we play with outdoor toys - balls, trikes, wagon, etc... Of course Boo tires of that after awhile and then decides that he'd like to play with the neighbors' broken fence. *sigh*

It is demanding. I don't sit down all day, but I honestly feel better being on a schedule. I feel like I get so much more done, even non-daycare stuff. It feels good to be so productive. Now if I could just get back to my crafting. I miss my sewing and knitting and winter and Christmas are just around the corner, both reasons to sew and knit. I made Christmas presents last year and I'd like to again this year. I just don't know how I'll have the time!

Oh well. I just realized the time and I need to run!

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