Saturday, October 11, 2008

Building the Business

One thing about childcare is that it can be super expensive trying to get everything that is needed. I've been holding onto the business income so that I can save up for some things that are needed. But I'm so ready to cut myself that first paycheck. But I know that's the way it goes in small business. It's going to be awhile before I get to see the fruits of my labor. Talk about an exercise in patience!

I'm also looking at redoing our daycare space. Some areas are working for me and some are not. I'd like to make the space function a bit better. Since I have limited space to work with it's important that it's organized properly.


  1. Hi Crystal! Waaay back you left me a comment on my blog ( and I never sought out your bolog! In fact, I do believe we met once upon a time at a large gathering of folks in Bushnell! I'll keep checking back here :)
    -s. tudor

  2. Isn't that life ( not to get philosophical or anything), you think it's all going to work out perfectly onlyy to discover there's some rearranging to be done. That's when I grab the wine and a chocolate bar for some serious concentration. Wish I were there to help you with the rearranging:)