Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nighttime diapering

It's been awhile since I've written about cloth diapering. We're still enjoying using cloth, but we've run into a problem. Boo's diaper reeks in the morning. I'm talking major ammonia smell. I've tried every combination known to man for nighttime - ok, maybe not, but I'm running out of money to try new things. I've tried stripping the diapers countless times. It doesn't seem to help. I don't have time to give him a bath in the morning as he often doesn't wake until after the dc kiddo is here. And I prefer not to just throw some lotion on him to cover the stench. I mean, come on, that's got "bad mommy" written all over it. the interest of not having the "stinky kid" I've decided to do disposables for nighttime diapering. I must say that T is absolutely elated. While he's been cooperative with cloth diapering he'd much prefer to use disposables. So he's thrilled. I will say that since we made the decision it's been nice to wake up to a non-stinky child. Although, I will say that disposables have a smell all their own that is not entirely pleasant. It's that overly powdery papery smell. I guess using cloth for so long I'm not really used to the smell of a disposable diaper. However, I'll take the powdery paper smell anyday over ammonia urine smell. I'm not saying I wouldn't try something else for nighttime. If anyone has any ideas I'd be open-minded. But for now I'm throwing in the towel. We still go through plenty of cloth during the day though!

I am thinking that he might be outgrowing some of his cloth. That makes me want to vomit...the thought of buying more cloth diapers. I keep trying to console myself with the fact that I won't be buying nearly so many cloth diapers with the next child. I think I'll feel more consoled when we actually have that child and don't have to buy diapers at all. Until then, it's financially painful to see so much money go to something that's on my child's butt!

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