Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oscar's Rejection

Well, I got a call from the owner of the local pet shop, where Oscar has been trying to build a relationship with a female bunny. Apparently he's been rejected. He must not be her type. Poor little thing - he's been rejected. Well, now the plan is for him to have another go at this bonding thing with a female bunny from Guardian - the local shelter for bunnies. So he's going to go to a foster home that has a couple of options for females and work on bonding with a different bunny. This way we'll still be able to make the swap with Gizmo. So hopefully this will pan out. We miss Oscar and want him to come home. And honestly we can't wait to get Gizmo out the door. I know that sounds harsh, but we're tired of being in limbo and ready to move on. I'm looking forward to getting the bunny space set up and having them be part of the family. I know the dc kiddos will love the bunnies also.

Poor Oscar. I hope he recovers from his rejection and finds the love of his life at this next stop.

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