Thursday, December 4, 2008


I finally finished reading "Biblical Parenting" by Crystal Lutton. I know I've already mentioned it here, but it's worth another mention. It's probably one of my favorite parenting books so far. And I've read a ton!!!

What I love about this book is that it's practical. I've noticed that some books/resources/etc...that discuss the disadvantages of punitive parenting methods tend to stop there. They don't provide parents with gentle alternatives. So I think that contributes sometimes to the mistaken belief that gentle parenting is permissive parenting. NOT THE SAME THING!!!

There is discussion about tools that a parent can use for discipline as well as what discipline truly means for children of different ages. I think she does a fantastic job of breaking it down.

Honestly, if I could get on my knees and beg people to read this book I would. I just think she does a great job of explaining the needs of children. It's not all-inclusive and I don't think that it's meant to be. I think it's meant to be a starting point, with parents continuing to look for tools that will help them to guide their children.

I have a copy and will gladly lend it out to anyone who wants to read it!


This book is probably not for you if you're not interested in christianity or religion. While she does have a lot of practical things that would apply to parents of all beliefs, discussion of God and the Bible is woven throughout the text (hence the name Biblical Parenting). I'm guessing that may not appeal to someone who's not interested in the christian religion.

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