Monday, March 2, 2009

Albert Einstein on modern education

"Modern education is competitive, nationalistic and separative. It has trained the child to regard material values as of major importance, to believe that his nation is also of major importance and superior to other nations and peoples. The general level of world information is high but usually biased, influenced by national prejudices, serving to make us citizens of our nation but not of the world."

- Albert Einstein

Wow. I was just talking about this to someone the other day and then I came across this quote. I really believe that the educational system in America suffers because it is so infused with ethnocentric ideas. I think we could learn a lot from other countries and their way of doing things if we could be more humble as a nation.

I also agree that material values are held in high regard. Granted, I don't think this is just education. I think this is our culture at large. Materialism is rampant in American culture. It's hard to not get caught up in it. As much as I try to be less materialistic, I find myself wanting, wanting, wanting all the time. Well, I'll keep trying anyways...that's the best I can do!

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