Thursday, March 5, 2009

The new banner on the right side of the screen

I found this company that is doing amazing things when it comes to children's literature. It's called Barefoot Books. If you click on the banner your browser will go there. Anywhoo, their focus is on quality storytelling combined with quality art. They have books for a wide variety of ages. I read an article about a woman who works for their company in my latest issue of Mothering magazine. After looking up the company and looking through their materials, I thought that this is something I'm comfortable promoting. I look forward to stocking up on their books, which really are beautiful. Also, they have some great music. The interesting thing is that I've fallen in love with this musical CD series called "Putamayo Kids" that has a multicultural music focus. I have several of them - African Playground, World Playground, Animal Playground, Dreamland something or other. Anyways, Barefoot Books also sells these! They even sell some plush animals, puppets, floor puzzles, etc..They also have a Books for Africa program that sends children's books to children in Africa.

Right now I just plan to build up my library and get to know their books and music. Should you decide to place an order, I'd love it if you'd go through my link as I'll get credit for it! I'd love to hear back on what people think of the books.


  1. Did you know Ramona Quimby is going to be a movie? How fun....

  2. Ooh. I love Ramona! I wonder when the movie is coming out. I'll have to reread the book first!