Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Return to Wool and a Possible Return to Nighttime Cloth Diapering

Well, you may or may not remember that we gave up nighttime diapering awhile back due to Boo waking up smelling like ammonia every morning. Ugh - gross! I tried stripping the dipes countless times to no avail.

However, today I was reading some information from Green Mountain Diapers that I got after ordering some prefolds from them for new baby. And I think I've now got some good ideas for tweaking the wash routine. So I'm going to give nighttime diapering a try over the weekend and see what happens. I can't really try it through the week as I don't have time to bathe Boo in the morning before daycare if he smells of ammonia.

Also, I had previously decided to give up wool because it's so high maintenance. However, I was looking on the bottle of my wool wash and saw that there were instructions for a washing machine. I have only ever handwashed my wool as that's pretty much what I've read/ been told. And I thought, what the hell...why not? So, I threw in some things that needed to be washed with wool wash. I put them on low in the dryer until they were damp and then I laid them out to dry. So much easier and they smelled great - no shrinkage either. I never felt like I got my wool very clean with handwashing and it took days to dry.

So, now that I've decided I like wool again I've found a pattern for shorties. I'm going to make Boo some for spring/summer. For those unaware, shorties are knit shorts. Basically you can put knit wool over a fitted or a prefold diaper and it acts as a diaper cover. Wool is known for being extremely absorbent. It can be reused several times before needing to be washed.

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