Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Potty Post

I'm sure I'm beating a dead potty horse by continuing to post about this, but I'm just such a proud mama!

Last night hubby and I decided to do away with the practice runs that are a part of the PTLTD method. It just seemed a bit much. The idea behind it is to educate him on what he can do next time in order to prevent the accident, but I think no matter how positive I try to make it, it comes across as punitive. We've continued the pants checks for now (roughly every hour) and he gets to pick out a candy every time his pants are dry at a pants check. This has gone well and he has even volunteered a few pants checks when he knew he was dry! Starting tomorrow I'm going to decrease the amount of pants checks and eventually phase them out.

We've continued the potty prizes. Boo gets sooooo excited when he gets a potty prize and is very proud to tell daddy that he got his prize for peeing in the potty. He got 2 potty prizes the first day that we had potty prizes available, which was day #2 of potty training. He got 3 potty prizes yesterday and 2 so far today! We'll probably continue these for awhile until he's having very few accidents.

Every time he comes with me when I use the potty he is very proud to tell me that "[Boo] puts pee pee in the potty too!" He's very proud of his accomplishments and I'm so happy for him in that.

I think there are more updated versions of the potty plan that we used. I know there's some that have done a 3-day plan and there's other 2 and 1 day plans out there. The one book that I used is older and I think maybe that's part of the problem I have with it. When I reflect on it, it gave me a great plan, but only because I worked to soften it and modify it and incorporate some things from the "No Cry Potty Solution" into it. I wonder if it's because authoritarian parenting was more of a norm when the book was written, versus most parenting resources leaning more towards authoritative parenting in this day and age. The book definitely comes across as a bit harsh at times. My gut tells me that some of the newer 2 and 3 day methods are probably better written and gentler than the resource I used. However, I say that without having read any of them. I'm not knocking the plan completely, because it was definitely the foundation of what we worked on when we started training. I guess if I'm knocking anything, it's the authors recommended implementation of the plan. I wonder if I'm making sense or just rambling?

Anyways, hurray for potty training. It's actually more fun than I thought it would be!

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