Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's Up

I've somewhat neglected my blogging as of late. I think it's partly that 2010 rolled in like a freight train and has been chugging along ever since.

On a personal note we're in the midst of purchasing a house. That's new and exciting and somewhat frightening all at once. This was not in our original plan for this year or even the next. But so far nothing in our lives has really gone according to plan, so why this? I don't mean that in a terrible sense either. Of course owning a home is a wonderful thing. I guess this just wasn't our preferred time line. But circumstances have led to this being the right time and the right decision for us. Once the decision to buy was made we found a house that seemed right almost immediately. So we have a contract to buy and everything is moving along as far as that goes.

Boo is growing and changing and becoming more child-like, as opposed to toddlerish, every day. It's a bit frightening to me how fast it all seems. He's such a precious and wonderful gift in our lives. I can't imagine life without him. To watch his face light up with joy in the most mundane of tasks is amazing and heartwarming and beautiful. Now that the weather has warmed up his favorite past time is riding his bike. He likes to create his plan for the day and tell me what he plans to do each day. Riding bikes is always thrown in there, as is going to see grandma and papa. Speaking of which, no matter how much I try to tell him about "mommy, daddy, and [Boo]'s new house" he continues to insist that it's "mommy, daddy, [Boo]'s, and papa's new house." I've informed him repeatedly that grandma and papa will NOT be living with us. He even threw Santa Clause in there one day. I'm sure it'd be every child's dream to have Santa live with them. Who can blame a kid for throwing it out there?

The daycare is hopping. After months and months of frustration and anxiety, the daycare finally filled up over fall and winter last year and has stayed full. That's such a huge blessing. I'm very lucky to have great kiddos and families and no anticipated openings until at least next fall. It's so nice to have the same group of kiddos consistently. They are becoming solid friends and play so well together - as well as that age group can play when it comes to peer relations! For the most part I think Boo enjoys the daycare and having his friends over. Of course he has his days where I can tell that he's not in the mood for it and that's understandable. But overall he just has a ton of fun playing.

Mixed in with the home buying and moving fun and the daily grind of daycare, I'm working on medical issues this month. So that's always fun. Hubby and I have been meeting with a practitioner since December learning a new method of fertility care. Creighton Model
I don't think I have any male readers, but just in case you might want to skip over the rest of this paragraph. It was founded by the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction. I actually like that it's founded by the Catholic church because from a moral standpoint my views are probably pretty similar to those of the Catholic church when it comes to reproductive technology. Anyways, so we've been attending these meetings to learn a new way of charting my cycles so that we can address some issues with my hormones. Yes, it's always nice to learn that your body is hormonally imbalanced. It makes it harder to convince hubby that I'm always right. :) So this month is going to focus on finding out the details of my hormone imbalances. I will be getting blood drawn between 9 and 10 times this month. Doesn't that sound fantastic? But it's for good cause. At the end of the month we'll know which hormones are doing what and when they're doing it. Then hopefully we can work on taming those naughty hormones and getting them to do what they're supposed to do.

So, there's a lot of stuff intermingling in my life right now and a lot of unknowns. It's a bit overwhelming at times. But I really am just trying to enjoy one day at a time, laugh at the silly things that my little one and all the daycare kiddos do and say, enjoy the warmth of the sun as it reminds me day after day that winter is over and spring is here, and delight in a marriage that has lasted through 7 trying years and will persevere through 50 more (if we live that long).

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