Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boo Pooed and Peed on Potty Today!!!

Well, I wasn't planning on "officially" beginning the potty-training yet. I put the word official in quotes because I have been doing pre-potty training stuff with him ever since he was about 15-18 months old. I've always shown him the process, talked about it, let him sit on the potty seat, etc...He's been able to watch his older daycare friends, some of who are completely potty-trained and some who are working on it. But I've never actively instructed him in it. I personally wanted to wait until he was older as I felt he would get through the training process more quickly that way. I especially didn't want to train now since we're moving in a month. I guess I figured why train him now if we're just going to have a huge change in a month (moving into the new home) that could cause him to regress. BUT today he handed me his own plan. He told me this morning he wanted to potty and get potty candy (my daycare kiddo that's training gets potty candy when he uses the potty). I just happen to be in the middle of "The No Cry Potty Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley, so I stripped him down and sat on the floor while he sat on the potty. Then he told me he wanted a pull-up. I told him we don't have pull-ups, so he'd have to do diaper or underwear and I let him choose. Well, he decided he wanted underwear. So I had to run upstairs and climb over boxes in his room to get to his dresser and pull out his underwear stash (thankfully I already have an underwear supply for him). Since I'm doing daycare today I couldn't really just put him in underwear, so I used one of my cloth diaper covers over it to help contain the leaks. They don't keep all the leakage in as I later saw, but they reduce the mess. So he's spent the morning in just underwear and a cover with no other clothes. I pulled out my "Potty Train in Less Than a Day" book by Nathan Azrin. This is the method that I have planned on using for quite some time. However, I do not yet have my potty doll, so I find that we've now started a hybrid of "Potty Train in Less Than a Day" and some ideas in "The No Cry Potty Solution." I'm going to run out after work today and get Boo some more underwear and perhaps a few plastic covers if I can find some. He has pooped in the potty twice today and peed once. He was sad about putting diaper on for nap time, but I only have normal underwear, not cloth training pants, so diaper was our best choice for nap time. But I did promise him that he would go back into underwear as soon as he woke up. Now that he's initiated his own potty training, I won't go back to diapers (with the exception of nap time and nighttime) unless he really resists and insists on the diapers. So I guess we'll see where this goes!

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