Monday, August 9, 2010

What Attachment Parenting Is

I've been asked by people whenever the topic of attachment parenting comes up, what exactly that is. As much as it's instinctive and wonderful for me and my family, it's not always easy to describe. Sometimes I feel that I end up stuttering around words trying to explain. Perhaps after years and years of practice I will become better at explaining this concept to others. I hope so. I can honestly say that I feel lucky to have stumbled on the ideas of attachment parenting prior to having my little one. I think that it has already made a lot of difference in how my son is raised and it will continue to have an impact for years and hopefully for generations.

So here's a link that covers the basics anyways. There's nothing profound or earth shattering in this article. It's just basic description and definition of all that is attachment parenting.

What Attachment Parenting Is

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