Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Unknown...Here We Come!

Well, we are heading into the unknown. This is a bit frightening for us as we have started to have some awesome stability in our lives this year. But, isn't that the way things go? Can't get too comfy now. And I will say that unlike other times where something happened to us, we are choosing to do this to ourselves and for some reason there's comfort in that.

It's true that sometimes you have to move backwards temporarily in order to move forward. And that is just what we are doing. Tom has said "so long" to his employer of four years, ADT. He has ventured out of the world of fire and security systems, something that he has been dying to do since he fell into this career in 2003. Yes he has attempted school a couple of times in the past, but always while married to the fire and security industry. And well, that marriage just didn't work out. The fire and security industry was always the "other woman" that never wanted him to make it to class or have time to study. So for the first time hubby will get to go to school without this obstacle in his life. There will be other challenges of course, such as paying all of the bills every month. But there is no gain in life without risk. I wouldn't have a successful daycare business if I hadn't taken the leap at some point and quit my job. I had no clients when I did this, but I also knew that my current position took so much of my time that the only way to focus on building my business was to have that time available. Life is like that sometimes. You stay with what you know where it's semi-comfortable and settle or you decide that there is more to life than "settling".

Hubby has had this dream for several years. In fact, this dream is a good part of why I built my business. It's all been part of the plan from the beginning. It's still very scary to step out even though this has been the plan. But here we are. Who knows what will happen? I know that we will not see very many of our "wants" in the next few years. And some of our "needs" will move to the "want" category. Funny how that happens when living depends on frugality. But this will all be worth it in the end.

I am thankful that we have family and friends who support our vision. Our newfound church family is of immense comfort and I'm thankful every day that we've found a home at Grace Church in Galesburg. And not to be pushy, but if you're looking for a church you just might try it. I'm just saying!

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