Friday, August 13, 2010

What the?

So this is going to be a venting post. Consider yourself warned. But just imagine this for a minute.

You join weight watchers and stick to the program. Things are going great and you're losing weight. Then all of a sudden your body just sticks. One weight, down to the ounce. Day after day for an entire week. However, you continue to be faithful to your program, knowing that if you just eat within your points the weight will come off. That week your muscles ache all over for some unknown reason. Then, on the seventh day of being stuck on the same weight, you get a bad migraine that lasts for ten hours. You lay on the couch all evening and do not fix a nutritious dinner because it hurts to move your eyes. So hubby orders pizza and you indulge. And yes, you eat a few more pieces than you should. The next morning you step on the scale and find that you have gained 2 1/2 pounds. From one freaking night of pizza. Really?

You may have guessed that this is not an imaginary person. I must admit that I feel like screaming and throwing something right now. But I won't. I'll just take my shower, get ready for my day, and stick to my program today.

I'm seeing my doctor in less than a month and if my weight loss progress isn't sufficient given the fact that I'm doing weight watchers and I'm now on thyroid medication for hypothyroidism then she's going to discuss putting me on an additional medication for insulin resistance. This would be in addition to the pile of vitamins I'm on along with my progesterone. GAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Okay. I guess that's rant enough for one morning. Time to get ready for my day!


  1. So sorry you're having a rough time!

    When I was trying to lose a lot of weight about six or seven years ago I found it helped if I only weighed once a week. Then I didn't scrutinize over the number every day. Just an idea.

    Keep up the good work with weight watchers & I hope your migraine is gone.

  2. Hey, for some reason my feed did not update me on yor blog updates so I suprised to be able to read 4 new posts. I got your call, I may try to call today (saturday). Hope everything is well (well aside from the obvious above)