Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Final Frontier

Well, I'm working on the last bit of my house that's completely unorganized - the bedroom. Well, really the basement's not really organized either, but who cares about that? Anyways, I cleared all the junk out of the bedroom, took some measurements, and went and bought some appropriate containers. Then I ran out of money and still have tons of junk sitting in the middle of Boo's room that needs containers. Soooo...I guess it will sit there until I can afford to get some more storage units for them. There's probably a bit more I could do as far as going through all that junk - I just pulled it out, haven't gone through it yet. But I'm pooped. I worked for about 7 hours straight on this project. Yes, our bedroom is that bad! As I've worked to get the downstairs daycare ready, any junk/papers/etc...that still doesn't have homes was moved to the bedroom. I did splurge and get new bedsheets and a new duvet. And the room looks so much nicer with it. When I get more money I'll get some more storage containers, a shelf for the wall, and some sort of big plant to cover up a corner that is nothing but computer/printer/phone wires. I'd also like curtains and a curtain rod to go with it. I've decided on chocolate and different shades of blue as the color scheme. No other room in the house has a color scheme, but this will be the first. I've decided we'll need a haven from our daycare-ified home! So, that's what I'm gradually working towards. I'd love to paint, but the thought of all that work makes me want to vomit. So for now, organization and cleanliness will do. And perhaps a few pics on the wall.

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