Friday, September 26, 2008

Playdate for bunny

Well, we've been having an issue with the bunnies for awhile. We had to move them into the basement over the winter because the spot we had them in was too close to the back door and they were freezing. But we haven't been happy with them in the basement. They're too far away from everyone and not getting nearly the social interaction that they need. However, with starting the daycare I can't put them just anywhere in the house. They need to be somewhere where toddlers can't eat any poop that they might kick out of their cages. So, there is a spot that they could go in the kitchen. But there's only enough room for one cage. So, there's the dilemma. This wouldn't be a big problem if our bunnies would gladly be cagemates, but they hate each other. We've actually considered getting rid of Gizmo as he's never really bonded with anyone in the family, including our other bunny Oscar. We feel terrible about this, but haven't been sure what to do. Well, I spoke with the lady who owns the local pet shop. She's really nice. She suggested a possible. trade as she really can't take on an extra rabbit - she's having trouble finding homes for them. Soooo....Oscar went on a playdate today to see if he can possibly bond with their rabbit Allie. If so, we'll trade Allie for Gizmo. This may sound heartless, but I really feel that a trade would raise the quality of life for all of the rabbits involved. Allie attacked Oscar a couple of times during the playdate. The last time Oscar fought back. She's cute as can be and a mischievous little bun. Actually, she's a little big. She's bigger than Oscar. Anyways, the petshop owner decided she would take Oscar over the weekend and work on bonding them. She's going to keep Oscar until Tuesday. Despite their initial squabbles, the petshop owner feels that these two bunnies can be bonded. And we all think they'd make a cute little couple. So, Oscar's away at his "girlfriends" for the weekend. Naughty rabbit - don't have too much fun!!! Yes, they are fixed by the way! So I hope the bonding goes well. If it does we'll have a pair of rabbits that can live together and Gizmo will be able to find a home where maybe he can be a single rabbit in the home. Or perhaps there's a girl bunny out there for Gizmo.


  1. I'm so glad Emily could work with you! Thorns is a great pet store, wish I could transport it here....

  2. Hi Crystal! Can't figure out how to email you or respond to your commment so I'm leaving a note for you here. It took me a few minutes to figure out who the message was from finally the clue of "Tom" clicked in and I figured it out. I'll try to get photos of the market sometime this week. Maybe next Saturday when it's really full and busy. It's the most fun then plus I can blend in and not feel embarrassed about taking photos. Trying not to look/act like a tourist is not an easy job when you're not from these parts! Have you guys moved again? I just noticed your blog about unpacking the bedroom and getting storage containers. It sounds like things are going well for you. Did Tom bring you back anything fun from Germany? Everything in Europe is so expensive so I'm trying to spend wisely though my expresso's and ice cream stops are adding up. ha ha. Take care -Sunshine