Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tomorrow's the big day

Well, tomorrow is my first day that I have a kiddo. The downstairs is clean and somewhat organized. I definitely need to add some things to the collection. I'll be making a trip to the lending library this week to check out some toys and other supplies. I'm hoping to snag a double stroller provided they're not all checked out. I'm printing out some forms right now. Fun. Boo is asleep, thank goodness as I need to get stuff done. I took a day off yesterday. I've been reading, sleeping, breathing daycare stuff for the past couple of weeks pretty heavily, so I made it a point to not do anything daycare related yesterday. It was nice.

So that leaves me with some things to do tonight. Nothing major really. I need to get my sign in/out sheets ready, daily sheets, injury forms (just in case) and I want to get my kitchen tidied up a bit more. Also, all of my daycare files are hanging out in a file box instead of in the file cabinet, which is in our bedroom. The bedroom is an absolute mess right now so that will be my next organization project. I'm hoping to get it done before T gets home from Germany.

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