Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just for the Record

I just want to state something for the record. I feel that recently I've been posting more blogs related to my way of parenting/living naturally/etc...So...I just want to comment on my reasons for posting more idealistic posts, for lack of a better word.

1. There are those out there who might be inspired and look into resources that they might not otherwise look into.

2. There are those out there who are definitely interested in these ideas and would like to know about additional resources.

3. This is a place for me to be accountable to live in a way that I have decided is right for me and my family.

I do not post on these topics to judge others who choose different paths. I have many friends, family members, etc... who have chosen different ways of doing things and I love them all. But I have decided as part of my personal growth process to stop avoiding topics whereby I know others have equally strong and opposite opinions. This is not respectful of myself.

So, I hope that those who read continue to do so with an open mind and know that I'm just trying to live life in the way that I believe is right, just as I'm sure that you're doing.

Much love,

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