Friday, January 4, 2008

Coughing, Sewing, Baby Babble, and Wool

The last couple of days have been full of coughing and mucus. I'm sure that you really wanted the visual there. A's had a cold and he's quite the pathetic little guy when he's sick. So he's been glued to my body for the past several days. At least I have an excuse for why my house is a mess right now. That's a relief for once.

I've spent much of my sick time browsing the internet looking for fun sewing patterns. I can't wait to get more material and patterns and make some more things. I really want to try to make a onesie for A and a couple of pairs of pajama pants as seen in Soulemama's blog ( You have to scroll down and look for the Amy Butler pattern wide leg lounge pant. Very cute. It's from Amy Butler's "In Stitches" book, so I've added that to my amazon wishlist. My wishlist is getting very long. I use it to keep track of good reads that I hear about so that I don't forget them. When A and I feel a bit better I think we'll make a trip to the library to see what books we can find on sewing. I have some scrap fabric left over from the hats and ponchos that could be used to experiment with.

A has discovered a new sound this week. He's been saying "abababababwababwa" constantly for the past three days. It's so cute. I think he's pretty thrilled with his recently discovered talent.

A and I have been making our way through the world of cloth diapering since he's been born. On a lot of the forums and message boards that we've visited I've heard moms continually rave about wool covers and they're the greatest. Well, we've recently tried wool covers and they are the best. A was in a fitted cloth diaper with wool pants on at night and the wool pants were dry as could be the next morning with no ungodly stench. So I'm definitely feeling the wool love. Wool covers are
more expensive, but the properties of wool allow it to be washed a lot less too, so I think it probably evens out cost wise.

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