Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I should be in bed

I really should be in bed this time of night, but sometimes when the house is quiet the temptation to stay up a little bit is too much for me. I only meant to stay up for about a half an hour or so after everyone else went to bed, but I got distracted. I found www.paperbackswap.com and have listed quite a few of my books and ordered a few. Free books - who would've thought? And now I can clear things out that aren't being read/used. I got a couple of things to build A's library.

Today was my first day of Biggest Loser Challenge for pg.org. Not a great day, but not too horrible. It could be a lot better though. Tomorrow's a new day and I will try harder.

I'm excited about some finds at the library today. I found "The Reader's Digest Guide to Sewing." It's a very comprehensive book, albeit a bit overwhelming. I also got "Rip It" and that's a sewing book about using clothes that you have to make new things. I was excited to find that one as that's actually on my amazon.com wishlist. I have so many sewing projects swimming around in my head right now. There are so many things I want to make. I can't wait to get started. I have a few things to finish up first though before I start new projects.

While at the library today I also checked out "The Well-Educated Mind". I was really looking for "The Well-Trained Mind" by the same author, but our library didn't have it. The "Well-Trained Mind" is a guide to giving your child a classical education, something Tom and I are considering for A. "The Well-Educated Mind" is about giving yourself a classical education. I thought that sounded pretty interesting, so I may give it a go. This is no light endeavor so I need to think about this. It will take several years to get through all of the classical literature. But I guess I figure what better way to help me decide if this is the schooling route we should go with A then by going through it myself (obviously on a different level)? So I'm thinking about doing this. The nice thing is that with my paperbackswap find I can get a lot of this literature for free. What I can't get there I'm sure my library will have.

Well, it's late and I really must get to bed as my child won't care that I stayed up late. He'll still want to get up anyways!

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